Jennifer Garner Posts Her 9 Best (Read: Craziest) Quarantine Looks

Our self-isolation wardrobe has consisted of sweatpants, oversized sweaters, fuzzy socks and pretty much anything that looks decently professional on a Zoom call. Jennifer Garner, on the other hand, has been using this time of social distancing to test out her latest (and arguably greatest) fashion looks.

Yesterday, the Alias alum, 48, shared a collage on her personal Instagram account, featuring nine creative quarantine looks that put our comfy wardrobe to shame.

The first photo is an at-home recreation of Home Movie: The Princess Bride on Quibi. It’s followed by pics of Garner wearing a mask, laying in pool and sporting a drawn-on mustache. (Because why not?)

We’re not entirely sure what’s happening in the last three pics, since they’re oddly serious compared to the first few. (JK.) One shows a colonial outfit, another features Garner using her cat as a hat, and the last one looks straight out of a pre-teen fashion blog.

Garner captioned the post, “Quarantine, but make it fashion. #lockdownfierce #DMtobookyourColonialZoom.”

This isn’t the first time Garner has posted something relatable in honor of lockdown. Back in May, she shared a video of herself doing laundry like a true professional. The clip shows the actress dancing, drinking red wine and pretty much doing everything but folding clothes.

Thank you, Garner. We really needed this.


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