Jennifer Coolidge Performs 'Jenny From the Block' in Hilarious TikTok Debut (& J.Lo Approves)

From her stellar performance on HBO's The White Lotus to her recent Golden Globes win, fan-favorite Jennifer Coolidge has been taking the entertainment world by storm. So, it should come as no surprise that the star is already making waves on TikTok with her hilarious debut.

In case you missed it, the 61-year-old actress created a TikTok account last week and shared her first video, which included a special guest. While donning what appears to be a black evening gown, she told her followers, "Hi, this is my first TikTok and I was trying to think of something cool to do. I think I'm just gonna do a poem that I like."

The poem in question? The lyrics to Jennifer Lopez's 2002 hit, "Jenny from the Block."

After a short pause, the funny lady did a slow, dramatic reading of the lyrics—complete with serious facial expressions. She began, "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still Jenny. Jenny. Jenny from the block."

After reciting the words, Coolidge turned the camera to Lopez, 53, who's seen wearing a pink outfit. The artist immediately gave her stamp of approval with a thoughtful nod and said, "I like that. I really, really like that."

Naturally, fans couldn't contain their excitement in the comments section. One follower wrote, "The queen has arrived. Everyone make way." Another said, "Only Jennifer Coolidge would be able to master TikTok on her first TikTok."

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The star has been making plenty of headlines lately, thanks to her effortless comedic presence and, of course, her new movie with Lopez, Shotgun Wedding.

While speaking with Moviefone about her character, Carol, she explained the mom's overprotective relationship with her son. She said, "Because Carol has only had sex twice in her life, I think she's very worried about her son being seduced by a very sexy Darcy [Lopez]. She's especially blowing it before the wedding. Someone like Carol can't relate to her sexy in-law, for sure. She can't relate, so she's got to shut it down. Pull out the garden hose and get off my lawn!"

The actress added that she had to go through a lot of training for the action sequences—one of which involved firing a machine gun.

She said, "They were very worried about me with the gun, the production, I think. So I had more gun classes than I could handle. I had many gun classes, so I was ready. I got a gun diploma and everything. I love that they took that much time to make sure that I wouldn't be dangerous to anybody. How cool is it to be a little James Bond, or some Michelle Yeoh moment, or whatever."

Looks like we'll be spending a lot of our free time stalking looking at Coolidge's TikTok account.

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