Jennifer Aniston Posts Then & Now Pics of Her Dog and He’s Gotten *So* Big

It has been a year and a half since Jennifer Aniston first introduced us to her beloved dog Lord Chesterfield, a white lab rescue the 53-year-old adopted back in October 2020. And while he may have been an itty-bitty pup with floppy ears when she first brought him home, he's not so little anymore.

In honor of National Puppy Day (March 23), the Friends actress took to Instagram stories to celebrate her beloved pup with a series of photos of him then and now. In her first few posts we see adorable little Chesterfield sitting on his dog bed. But it was the now photos that made us do a double take.

It looks like Aniston’s occasional workout buddy is all grown up and at least three times the size he was when he first came to live in her L.A. home. Of course, this makes complete sense given that Chesterfield is about two-years-old now, making him an adult dog and no longer a puppy.

Chesterfield is Aniston’s third dog, alongside a Schnauzer mix named Clyde and a white pit bull named Sophie, and all three are rescues. Chester is by far the largest of her pets, but was the only one to get a shoutout on National Puppy Day (we assume because he is also the youngest).

The actress has recently been busying filming a sequel to her Netflix hit Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler in Hawaii, in addition to working on her haircare line LolaVie. So we’re glad to see the busy bee taking some time out to honor her fluffy housemates and hopefully get some playtime in with them as well. Because how could you say no to a face like Chester’s?



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