Love Spicy Food? Jalapeño-Infused Wine Is Now a Thing

While we’ll never turn down a chilled glass of wine on a scorching summer afternoon, we’re a bit “rosé all day”-ed and “yes way, rosé”-ed out.

We’ve tried orange wineblue wineblueberry winevolcanic wine and everything in between, but jalapeño wine? Ño way, José! (Sorry, had to.) Yep, it exists, which means you’re now obligated to tell all your spicy-food-loving friends the news.

Jalapeño wine is available to order by the bottle ($16) from Illinois-based Galena Cellars. Per one TripAdvisor review, it has a “Nice bite!” and “You HAVE to try the Jalapeno Wine, take a taste, but then ask to try it in a bloody mary. It is AWESOME!” Add it to a Bloody Mary? Genius.

For now, the spicy stuff can only be shipped to California, Colorado, D.C., Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. Otherwise, you’re going to have to add sriracha to your Syrah and call it a day. 

Only kidding, but…maybe not? Our spicy taste buds know no bounds.

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