George & Amal Clooney Sent a Handwritten Thank You Note Like the Angels They Are

We thought George and Amal Clooney won the most thoughtful couple of the year award when they passed out noise-canceling headphones to passengers on a flight to shield them from the noisy ambiance provided by their seven-month-old twins, Ella and Alexander, but their latest move is seriously swoon-worthy.

Over the holidays, the Clooneys attended a performance of My Fair Lady at The Mill, a theater near their vacation home in Sonning, England. The couple enjoyed the show so much that they decided to send a handwritten note and bouquet of flowers to an actress in the production, Bethan Nash, who posted a photo of the surprise package on Instagram (natch).

In the note (our bets are on that being George’s pristine penmanship), the Clooneys thanked Nash “for a fantastic night of theater” before signing the card “love, George and Amal.”

No, George and Amal, thank you.

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