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Whoa, the FDA Just Approved the First-Ever Drug to Treat Postpartum Depression

Today in potentially life-changing news for new mothers: The Food and Drug Administration just approved the first-ever drug designed to treat moms battling postpartum depression. 

And that's not all. According to The New York Times, the drug—administered to patients via IV—is said to provide relief within 48 hours. 

(We'll pause to let that sink in for a sec.)

There are a few important caveats to note, of course. For one thing, the drug (marketed as Zulresso) requires in-patient treatment at a certified medical center and is delivered over the course of 60 hours—the length of time it takes for the drug to take effect. This is because, during clinical trials, it occasionally caused patients to experience dizziness or fainting. (Not something you'd want to navigate on your own.)

Another road block to use? The cost. At $34,000 per infusion, the drug isn't cheap—especially considering that doesn't include the price of a two-day medical stay. 

That said, the green light from the FDA is brand-new, which means insurers are still in the assessment phase for this drug. 

Regardless, the arrival of a treatment like this is huge. One small step for the medical community, one giant leap for moms battling postpartum and struggling to get the help they need.

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