‘The Deuce’ Star Emily Meade Reveals What Season 3 Has In Store for Her Character

The third and final season of The Deuce premiered with a gripping episode on HBO last night. But as eventful as the season’s debut was, Emily Meade says there are even bigger changes afoot for her character Lori. 

The 30-year-old Deuce star sat down with PureWow to spill all the season three spoilers (J.K., HBO, she kept things close to the vest). So, what can we expect from Lori? First, Meade gave us a quick refresher on what went down in season two.

Meade explained, “At the end of season two, we saw that Lori had risen to some sort of fame in the porn industry, but she was still being held back in a lot of ways by her pimp, C.C. (Gary Carr). Then, C.C. gets murdered and we leave off with Lori arriving in L.A.” All caught up? Ok, great.

This season, Meade says the times have changed, but not entirely. “We pick up this year and it’s 1985, so seven years have passed, and Lori has reached even higher levels of fame in the porn world,” she revealed. “We kind of see that even though she’s had this life without C.C. and she’s been with this man she met, now it’s her own demons that are holding her back.”

Meade admits this season is the darkest of all chapters of The Deuce, as it centers on watching Lori attempt to move past her trauma “within her career and life.”

But despite the emotionally draining plot, Meade says there are two silver linings. For one, filming the show’s final season brought about “a lot of catharsis” for the actress. Secondly, the ’80s outfits were so fun that the cast made sure to check in with each other on set each day just to see what crazy getups the costume department had put them in.

There’s nothing like an ’80s puff sleeve to lighten the mood.

The Deuce airs on HBO Mondays at 9 p.m. PT/ET.


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