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These Trendy Succulents Look Like Actual Dolphins
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Choosing a houseplant is no easy task, especially when there are hundreds of succulents, aloes and cacti to choose from. So, if you’re the type of person who picks a plant based on looks, feast your eyes on this animal-friendly (literally) option.

Introducing the dolphin succulent, which is formally known as “senecio peregrinus.” Basically, the plant is a cross-pollination between the string of pearls bunny succulent and the hotdog cactus. The result is small buds that resemble mini dolphins jumping out of the water.

The plant variety is currently taking over social media, with users flocking to their local nurseries in search of the rare breed. Since it’s a cross-pollination and—therefore—hard to come by, green thumbs might be better off heading to Etsy, purchasing seeds and letting Mother Nature run her course.

While succulents typically require minimal work, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing this plant. First, the soil and container should be extremely porous, since it needs plenty of ventilation to thrive.

And second, don’t—we repeat, don’t—overwater. During the summer, dolphin succulents only need to be watered about once a week. This should be reduced to monthly waterings during the winter. Oh, and don’t be alarmed if your plant randomly sprouts white and pink flowers—it’s totally normal (and pretty).

We’re dolphin-ately on board with this. (Sorry, had to.)

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