Disney World’s New Rum-Infused (!) Dole Whip Is the Boozy Summer Treat We’ve Been Waiting For

disney rum infused dole whip

Disney ain't no fool. 

The creators of Mickey and Moana are fully aware how obsessed we all are with Dole Whip, their signature theme park treat. And though the frozen dessert has taken on a number of forms since its humble Hawaiian beginnings, we never cease to be amazed by the delicious concoctions Disney continues to create. 

Enter the newest version: The King's Cooler. Inspired by some of our favorite characters from The Lion King (who else is excited for Beyoncé as Nala?), Disney took the classic pineapple soft serve and infused it with a watermelon and coconut syrup, plus the choice of dark or coconut rum. Yeah, that's one adults-only treat we can get down with. 

In addition to the boozy new treat, Disney is also offering a non-alcoholic version called Simba's Sunset for all your little Lion-Kings-in-training.

Both of these new menu items are available now through the end of the summer at Tamu Tamu refreshment stand in Disney World's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

We'll cheers to that (now please pass the Malibu).

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