New Mom Danielle Fishel Admits She Wasn’t Sure She Could Love a Baby as Much as Her Dog
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There are people who love their dogs, and people who L-O-V-E their dogs. Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel was solidly in the latter camp—so much so that when she got pregnant, she had one major concern. “I very seriously—I told people, ‘I’m just worried I’m not going to love this baby as much as I love this dog.’ And I meant it. That’s how much I love my dog,” she admits in an exclusive chat with PureWow.

It weighed on her heavily…until June 24, when her son, Adler, was born. “Then I was like, ‘You’re definitely a dog. I still love you, but you’re a dog,’” she laughs. In that moment, her world was reordered; something her pup, Brunch, hasn’t quite recovered from.

“My dog and I used to have coffee time together. Every morning, I’d wake up and go, ‘Coffee time!’ and he’d jump up on my lap and I’d pet him for hours and hours,” Fishel says. “Now, I wake up, and I look over the bassinet, and I’m like, ‘Good morning, baby!’ and the baby gets picked up and the dog is trudging along beside me like, ‘This used to be my time.’”

Brunch has taken to photobombing pics of her 5-month-old son, she’s said, and has been known to give her side eye if she’s giving the baby just a little too much attention.

“He gets very jealous. Sometimes he’ll come over and sit directly on my son. Just sit on him, like ‘I’m here. I’m your baby too. One baby, two babies!’” Fishel says.

Brunch will have to make room for another new baby—the launch of Be Free by Danielle Fishel, a cruelty-free, vegan hair care line. But, as much as she loves the new line, it’s probably a safe bet to say her shampoo, conditioner, and Scalp Refresh serum take a solid third place to Brunch and Adler.

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