When & Why Does Colton Hop the Fence on ‘The Bachelor’? Here’s What We Know

colton underwood wearing plaid

For the past eight episodes, The Bachelor has teased a dramatic scene featuring Colton Underwood hopping a fence while the contestants watch in horror. And while we’ve been patiently waiting for the moment to air on TV, it appears we’ll have to wait until next week to watch it all go down.

Although ABC has yet to reveal a reason behind Underwood’s escape attempt, the brand-new teaser is giving us a few clues. The clip, which aired after last night’s episode, teases next week’s installment, which includes a montage of the Fantasy Suite dates, followed by Underwood storming out of his room and then hopping a fence.

So, why does Underwood make a beeline for the gate? The most obvious clue is the fact that next week’s episode will feature the Fantasy Suites, which is a huge deal for the self-proclaimed virgin.

We previously predicted that he would forgo the highly anticipated overnight date. At the end of last night’s episode, Underwood pulled Chris Harrison aside after the rose ceremony, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he asks to alter the agenda sans Fantasy Suites.

Another theory could be that one woman tries to leave. Throughout the season, Underwood has expressed his ever-present fear of getting rejected, so we can only imagine how devastated he’d be if someone bails this far into the show.

As much as we hate to say it, next week’s episode has “To be continued…” written all over it. The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, March 4, followed by The Women Tell All on Tuesday, March 5.

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