‘The Bachelor’ Season 23, Episode 6 Recap: The Confession Gone Awry

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last week on The Bachelor, Colton Underwood found himself in the middle of yet another feud: Onyeka versus Nicole. And now, the 26-year-old star is being forced to face his (ever-present) fear of getting rejected.

Here’s what went down in season 23, episode six of The Bachelor.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Onyeka Vs. Nicole

The episode picks up right where we left off in episode five, with Onyeka and Nicole going at each other’s throats while Underwood tries to get as far away as possible.

When Onyeka returns to the group, she asks the other women if they feel personally victimized by Regina George her bullying. Nicole tries to defend herself, but Onyeka shoots her down, calling her a “liar.”

Just then, Chris Harrison interrupts their conversation and says it’s time for the rose ceremony, where Underwood sends home Onyeka and Nicole. Lesson learned.

The next day, the ten remaining contestants travel to Vietnam’s Cam Ranh coast, where Hannah G. snags the first one-on-one-date. (ICYMI: She received the first impression rose in episode one. Do we smell a frontrunner?)

Underwood treats her to a rejuvenating spa session, and we’re not surprised that it involves minimal clothing. After getting facials, mud baths and massages, Underwood is very obviously head over heels for Hannah G.

He says, “She has the bluest eyes and one of the best smiles. Every time I see her, I get a little smitten.” Barf.

Not only do they have a steamy make-out session in the hot tub, but they also turn the massage table into a bed, so there’s that. “I would definitely eat that sushi roll,” Underwood adds, referring to Hannah G., who is wrapped in a gigantic leaf.

Later on, Hannah G. opens up about her family life and reveals that her parents’ divorce made her realize what she wants in a future partner. Underwood relates her situation to his own before giving her the rose. Predictable.

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Let The Games Begin

When the group date card arrives, it’s addressed to Cassie, Heather, Tayshia, Caelynn, Katie, Hannah B., Sydney and Demi, which means Kirpa is the lucky recipient of the final one-on-one date.

This time, Underwood takes the ladies to the Hai Thai Ancient House, where they’re introduced to Vietnamese martial arts.

Demi says, “It wouldn’t be a group date if someone wasn’t bleeding or crying by the end of it.” (#Amen)

After pairing off, the women battle it out in a series of sparring matches, with commentary by Harrison and The Bachelor: Vietnam host Khôi Trần. Sure, things started off on a good note. “I’ve never seen so much giggling and laughing,” Harrison says.

But things take a dramatic turn when Kate accidentally hits Demi in the face, prompting Underwood to see a side of Demi he hasn’t seen before. “You hit my f****** face,” she screams repeatedly. Yikes.

Later that night, there are two key takeaways. First, Demi calls her mom so she can “officially” meet Underwood, and yes, it’s just as awkward as it sounds.

She says, “I haven’t heard her voice outside of ‘This is a call from a federal prison.’”

And second, Sydney is following in Elyse’s footsteps. It all started earlier that day when the group date card arrived. Since Sydney has yet to receive anything other than a group date, she was devastated when it went to Hannah G., especially since she “gave up everything” to be here.

So, she pulls Underwood aside and demands to know why she isn’t good enough for a one-on-one date. After low-key calling him boring (*slow clap*), Sydney decides to leave the show.

But before she does, Sydney gives Underwood one piece of advice: “Don’t be distracted by shiny things.” (Cough, Demi, cough.)

When he returns to the group, Underwood gives the rose to Tayshia.

ABC/Rick Rowell

Demi's Demise

Before the final one-on-one date begins, it’s important to point out that Kirpa is a nervous wreck. Not only is she best friends with Sydney, but she also feels like Underwood isn’t giving her enough attention, so pressure’s on.

Underwood takes her on a casual date, which includes riding around on a boat while drinking Champagne and lime shooters. Although the day isn’t as steamy as his date with Hannah G., their connection becomes more evident later that night.

After describing their relationship as a “slow and steady burn,” Underwood reveals that he wants to know more about her. While discussing her divorce, Kirpa admits that her ex-husband saved himself for marriage, which is why she respects Underwood’s virginity status.

When he brings up a second wedding, Kirpa says she can see herself getting engaged again. Underwood eats it up and gives her the rose.

Back at the hotel, Demi is feeling really, really good about herself. (Think Beyoncé-level confidence.) So, she pulls an Elyse and tracks down Underwood’s room before inviting herself in.

“Hopefully after tonight, Colton won’t be a virgin anymore,” Demi tells the producers.

When she sits down with Underwood, she says she can’t stop thinking about him and wants to get something off her chest. Although it’s “scary to say this,” she’s confident that she’s “falling in love with him.” Underwood thanks her for her honesty and says she makes him feel “special.”

But there’s a catch. Although he does have feelings for her, he doesn’t know if he will ever be able to “love” her. In true Bachelor form, he feeds her the usual line about how she’s “gonna make someone so happy” before seeing her out.

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I Do?

The next day, tensions are running high, especially after Demi and Sydney’s impromptu departures. Things only get worse when Harrison enters the room and reveals there will be no cocktail party.

At the rose ceremony, Underwood sends home Katie, who refuses to leave without warning him about the other contestants. She encourages him to think about which contestants are ready to get engaged, and it strikes a chord with him. Why? Because he’s afraid of getting rejected. (And by rejected, we mean choosing someone who’s not ready for marriage.)

So, Underwood returns to the group and low-key threatens them, saying if they’re not ready to get engaged, he’ll gladly show them the door.

Thank you, Underwood, for practically setting them up to throw each other under the bus. The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, February 18, at 8 p.m.