‘The Bachelor’ Season 23, Episode 4 Recap: Demi, Demi, Demi

*Warning: Spoilers ahead* 

Last week on The Bachelor, Colton Underwood came face-to-face with the battle of the beauty queens: Hannah B. versus Caelynn. And tonight, the 26-year-old took his journey to find love international, resulting in deeper connections and a brand-new rivalry. (#Bless)

Here’s what went down in season 23, episode four of The Bachelor.

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Bon Voyage!

The episode opens on the 15 remaining contestants pretending like there isn’t major tension between Hannah B. and Caelynn in the mansion. Right on cue, Chris Harrison greets the women and “accidentally” calls Hannah B. by Caelynn’s name. Well played.

After Hannah B. takes a subtle jab at her former Miss USA roommate, Harrison tells the women to pack their bags for an international vacay. (Because who doesn’t want to endure a 15-hour flight after getting dumped on national television?)

First stop: Singapore.

“Could Colton lose his virginity in Singapore? Maybe,” Demi says.

Shortly after arriving at their new abode, the first date card arrives, and it’s addressed to Tayshia. Unlike previous dates this season, which basically consisted of the women wearing athleisure and battling it out in a series of competitions, Underwood is putting Tayshia to the test with a good old-fashioned bungee jump.

“I’m really hoping that today we don’t die,” he says.

It’s important to note that Tayshia doesn’t seem that nervous about the adventure—just shocked. Underwood, on the other hand, is trying (and failing) to conceal his sweaty palms.

“We’ve got this,” Tayshia says before Underwood hesitantly responds, “Yeah, we do.”

Spoiler alert: Everyone survives.

After stripping down to their swimsuits, the couple sits down for a picnic on the beach. This includes lying on a blanket, running through the sand and kissing in the ocean like it’s Bachelor in Paradise all over again. Poor Tia…

Later that night, Tayshia reluctantly opens up about a past failure that defines who she is today: She’s a divorcée. She married her first boyfriend, and they stayed together for several years. Although she never thought divorce was an option, she couldn’t convince her partner to continue loving her.

Underwood reassures Tayshia, saying that he comes from a divorced family, so he would never judge her past. Just then, he gives her the rose.

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The Demi Show

At the hotel, the next date card arrives for Cassie, Courtney, Demi, Elyse, Hannah B., Hannah G., Heather, Katie, Kirpa, Nicole, Onyeka, Sydney and Tracy, which means Caelynn is the lucky recipient of the last one-on-one date. (Take that, Hannah B.)

For the group excursion, Underwood takes his 13 dates to explore Singapore’s colorful street markets, and Demi proves (yet again) that she’s never watched the show. While the other women subtly steal Underwood’s attention, Demi goes where no contestant has gone before. After jumping into his arms, she demands a piggyback ride while the other women awkwardly tag along.

“I’m so focused on my relationship with him, and I’m going to act how I would act if it were just me and him,” she says. You do you, Demi.

When they stumble upon a “leech lady,” they learn more about leech therapy before trying it out themselves.

Underwood says, “Do you guys want to pet my leech?”

Demi joins in on the fun, along with Hannah B., who is just trying to fit in. The problem? She feels like Underwood is avoiding her, and he totally is. But we have to give her props, because she’s trying really, really hard to get his attention. She even eats a big, juicy fish eye when they sit down for a quick bite to eat, so yeah, just let that sink in.

Later on, it’s no surprise that Hannah B. is the first person to steal Underwood away. After assuring him that she has a “noble character,” he reveals that he’s A-OK with dating two people who hate each other. (Wait, what?)

Meanwhile, Cassie uses her one-on-one time to address the elephant in the room. Earlier in the day, she and Underwood got their fortunes read and learned they were “brother and sister in a past life.” Underwood reminds her that it was a “past life” before pulling her in for a kiss.

“That’s not a kiss that a sister would give,” he says. Barf.

Elsewhere, Demi drops a bombshell and tells Underwood that her mom was recently released from federal prison. He handles it like a total pro, and Demi wastes no time bragging to the other women about her successful conversation.

Courtney is livid because she has yet to speak to Underwood, despite the fact that she’s made zero effort to talk to him. So, Demi does what anyone would do and steals Underwood away for even more one-on-one time.

When Underwood returns, he gives the group date rose to Demi, and Courtney is beside herself.

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Caelynn's Confession

For the last date of the episode, Underwood treats Caelynn to a full-blown shopping spree, and we can’t help but wonder where all this money came from. (Think designer dresses and couture ball gowns.)

Before going to dinner, Caelynn returns to the hotel to drop off her shopping bags show off her new belongings. When she sits down to eat with Underwood, Caelynn reveals that she has to get something off her chest. Four years ago, she was drugged and sexually assaulted by multiple men, and it forever changed how she approaches relationships.

Underwood comforts her before giving her the rose.

Prior to the ceremony, Caelynn pulls Hannah B. aside to clear the air. Although there’s no way to “get around it,” they decide to squash the drama so they can focus on the experience.

Meanwhile, Demi uses the little time she has to shake things up among the women. When she tells Underwood that Courtney is “the cancer of the house,” he confronts Courtney, who isn’t surprised that Demi threw her under the bus.

Demi couldn’t care less, saying, “This is what cloud nine feels like right now.”

At the rose ceremony, Underwood hands out roses to everyone but Courtney and Tracy.

Demi’s reaction says it all: “Ding dong, the b**** is dead.” The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, February 4, at 8 p.m.


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