Here’s Why Onyeka & Nicole Sealed Their Fate on Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’

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This season of the Bachelor thus far has revolved around the battle of the beauty queens: Hannah B. versus Caelynn. But now, two new contestants have sealed their fate…and not in a good way.

Here’s what you need to know: On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Onyeka and Nicole seriously brought the drama. It all started when Onyeka confronted Nicole for not being here for the “right reasons.” So, she went straight to the source: Colton Underwood.

“Elyse told me that Nicole said that she’s here to find an opportunity to leave Miami,” Onyeka told Underwood.

The problem? Nicole didn’t actually say that, and Tayshia was a witness. Nevertheless, the seed had been planted.

The next day at the cocktail party, Nicole sat down with Underwood and revealed that Onyeka’s claims couldn’t be further from the truth. To top it off, she said Onyeka is bullying her.

Underwood didn’t know who or what to believe, so he stole Onyeka away to clear the air. She fired right back at Nicole and claimed she’s a liar who is trying to bring her down.

When Onyeka returned to the group, she confronted Nicole one more time, and Underwood had enough. So, he approached the duo and tried to be a mediator, but he couldn’t seem to get through to the ladies, who were screaming over one another. Fed up, Underwood walked off just as the camera faded to black.

So, where does this leave us? All signs point to the fact that Nicole and Onyeka will be packing their bags very soon. As we previously noted, no one gets away with creating drama on the show. Ever. While Hannah B. is thrilled that she’s out of the spotlight, someone needs to get these two a Dr. Phil special.

Who will Underwood believe? Guess we’ll have to wait until The Bachelor returns to ABC next Monday, February 11, at 8 p.m.

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