Welp, Chrissy Metz Says the Randall & Tess Flash-Forward on ‘This Is Us’ Is ‘Not Good’

chrissy metz crying this is us

Remember the heartbreaking flash-forward of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and adult Tess (Iantha Richardson) talking about going to see “her” in the season two finale of This Is Us? Well, Chrissy Metz just confirmed our suspicions and warned “it’s not good.”

When asked about the puzzling ending in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Metz revealed that she knows the answer but refused to drop any hints. She joked, “Ooooh! I didn’t know you knew that part. Oh, I gotta go!”

The This Is Us star tried to explain without giving away too much, saying, “It’s something you’d…nobody…it’s not good.”

Metz went on to admit that it will be another tear-jerker (surprise, surprise). “It’s actually very heartbreaking,” she added.

The season two finale of This Is Us concluded with three flash-forwards, including one where older Randall is encouraging adult Tess, saying, “It’s time to go see her.” Tess responds, “I’m not ready,” before her dad adds, “I’m not either.”

Gulp. Season three of This Is Us is expected to return to NBC later this year.


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