EXCLUSIVE: Chrissy Metz Just Got Real About the ‘This Is Us’ Season 3 Finale

There’s only a few episodes left in the third season of This Is Us, and if we’ve learned anything from past installments, it’s that the writers aren’t about to go easy on us. 

We recently caught up with one third of the Big Three, Chrissy Metz, who’s currently promoting her new initiative for Turbo #RealMoneyTalk. While the 38-year-old actress stayed mum on show specifics, she did confirm “the finale is one for the books, so I’m hoping that you all will stay hydrated.” Impending drama for the Pearson family? We can’t say we’re shocked.

As for what’s ahead for Kate, Metz revealed that she’s learning to cope with her past struggles, adding, “I think she’s coming to terms with, you know, she put her father on a pedestal and she thought that he was perfect for a very long time, and he still is for the most part but he’s still a human being so it’ll be interesting to see how that unfolds and personally what they’ve written.”

So, what can we expect to see in the finale? Our money is on more flash forwards. Although we’ve seen most of the cast as their older selves—even (kinda) Jack (Milo Ventimiglia)—we haven’t seen Kate in the future storyline.