We're All About This Paleo-Friendly, Healthier Swap for Nutella

You’re giving the Paleo diet a try and it’s going great...but you really miss some off-limits foods. Like Nutella—naturally. But the sorta artificial, kinda questionable, undoubtedly delicious condiment just doesn’t fit into your healthy menu. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Ghee company Fourth & Heart’s new chocolate ghee, Chocti, is like the hazelnut-chocolate spread of our Paleo dreams. And unlike our not-so-diet-friendly first love, it’s made from cacao, coconut sugar, date syrup and Madagascar vanilla bean ghee (can we get some of that, too?).Along with the original flavor, there’s also passionfruit and coffee guarana. Swoon.

We’re always on board when we can make healthy swaps for the foods we love, and this one is no exception. Its name even translates to “change and empowerment” from Sanskrit. 

Since our caveman ancestors probably didn’t eat toast, we’ll settle for eating it straight from the jar.