Cardi B Reveals Her Daughter's *Very* Candid Response to Getting a Baby Brother

Cardi B's daughter, Kulture Kiari, has something very important to say about getting a little brother.

On Twitter, the rapper participated in a fun Q&A with her followers. And when one fan asked about Kulture's reaction to the news of her mom expecting a baby boy, Cardi B responded with footage of her 3-year-old daughter sharing her honest thoughts—and she doesn't sound too thrilled.

In the video, Kulture repeatedly says that she wants a "baby sister." Even when her mom tells her, "But it's a boy," the toddler insists, "No, a baby sister."

In response, one fan quipped, "You better give her a baby sister." Another wrote, "My girl Kulture told mommy this is not up for debate or discussion. It's a baby sister. Those are my terms."

Still, when another fan asked how she liked being a big sister, Cardi replied, "She loves it. Only get[s] sad when she wants to play but the baby needs silence to sleep."

The rapper welcomed her second child with rapper Offset in December. In a joint statement, the couple said, "We are so overjoyed to finally meet our son. He is already loved so much by family and friends and we can't wait to introduce him to his other siblings."

In her interview with Vogue, the "WAP" rapper got candid about the ups and downs of parenting. She revealed, "Being a mom—how can I say it? Things are a little bit harder to balance, but it’s good for [your] mental [health]. Like, if I’m playing with my daughter, I forget about the issues."

The artist also explained that securing a better future for her kids will always come first. She continued, "I could be the most ratchet-est person ever, I could get into a fight tomorrow, but I’m still a great mom. All the time I’m thinking about my kid. I’m shaking my a**, but at the same time I’m doing business, I’m on the phone with my business manager, make sure that a percentage of my check goes to my kid’s trust. I give my daughter so much love, and I’m setting her up for a future. I want to tell her that a lot of the shit that I have done in life—no matter what I did, knowing that I wanted to have kids made me go harder to secure a good future for my kids.”

Keep thriving, Cardi.

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