Bravo Is Bringing Back ‘Blind Date’! Here’s How You (or a Friend) Can Apply

Step aside, The Proposal. There’s a brand-new (sorta) dating show in town, and it’s currently seeking victims contestants.

According to People, Bravo is developing a reboot of the one and only Blind Date. The network is reimagining the popular 1999 series for a modern-day audience, so we’re expecting to see loads of diversity in regards to ethnicity and sexual orientation. (#Bless)

Blind Date originally premiered in 1999 and ran for ten successful seasons before airing its final episode in 2006. The series follows a series of strangers who meet for the very first time on a blind date (duh).

The catch? The majority of the interactions are extremely awkward and unsuccessful. The show’s producers even provide commentary through subtitles and chat bubbles, so it’s pretty harsh.

According to Bravo, the show is designed to remind viewers about the complexities of first dates. “Dating has always been an awkward, contentious, sexy, and hilarious adventure. However, the magic of a blind date has gone away, replaced by the algorithms of dating apps, which have eroded dating into a casual meet-up to exchange preconceived notions,” the statement read. “Sometimes you’re better off just going in blind!”

Casting is now open for the Blind Date revival. Interested parties can apply on the show’s official website.

Who’s up for the challenge?

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