Things Have Gotten *So* Nuts that ‘Bachelor’ Fans Are Studying Hannah Ann & Madison’s Hair to Determine Who Wins

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Is it just us, or is this season of The Bachelor a hot mess? We don’t know the ending, Chris Harrison doesn’t know the ending and not even poor Peter Weber knows who he ends up with. The thirst for the answer to the ever-important question—Who wins the final rose?—is so real that fans have resorted to drastic measures to find out who the 28-year-old pilot ends up with.

First, there were Venmo-related theories, then Instagram sleuthing and Bachelor producer conjectures began. Now, things have really gone off the rails: Fans are inspecting Madison and Hannah Ann’s hair patterns to determine who wins.

Let’s back up. So, the CSI-level snooping began when a new finale trailer debuted after The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. The clip shows a very emotional Weber apologizing to a brunette woman. (Spoiler alert: Both Hannah Ann and Madison have brown hair.)

In the teaser, he says, “I’m so sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry.” It sounds like he’s breaking up with someone or something devastating just came to light, right?

Well, fans on Reddit decided that if they can figure out who he’s speaking to, they can probably figure out who he ultimately sends home. So they started investigating the two women’s hair growth patterns.

One Reddit commenter, DoinTheScarn, noted that “Madison’s hair ‘sticks’ flat to the area along her forehead…while [Hannah Ann] has more of a cowlick at her front part. I feel like you can see the cowlick in the promo.”

Others theorized that perhaps it’s actually Kelley, who was suspiciously absent from The Women Tell All.

All we can say is, things are getting out of hand and Bachelor Monday can’t come soon enough. Tune in to find out who Weber choses when the two-part finale kicks off on Monday, March 9, at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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