Bachelor Peter Weber’s Mom Is ‘Concerned’ for Hannah Ann

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

The women on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor are great and all, but the true stand-out has been—drumroll, please—the 28-year-old pilot’s mom. Yes, Barbara has held nothing back this season. She allowed her vow renewal ceremony to be filmed for TV and didn’t bat an eyelash when her son brought a woman he’d known for about 24 hours to their home. She also inadvertently created one of the biggest mysteries of the season: Who is she crying about in the finale trailer? Now, in a brand-new teaser, Barbara gets real with Hannah Ann (and Madison) in a way we didn’t see coming.

The Weber matriarch arrives in Australia ready to watch all of her son’s romantic dreams come true. But, she’s not going to sit by and watch him give his heart to just anyone.

In the clip, she sits with Hannah Ann and point-blank says, “I have to tell you, I’m a little bit concerned. Because it’s important you never [try] to change him and he never [tries] to change you.”

There’s no context given for the comment, but it’s clear that the 23-year-old looks taken aback.

In the next scene, Hannah Ann tells Weber, “I’m just at my breaking point, honestly—I’ve given and I’ve given and I’ve given, and I just want something in return. Everything in me wants to hold back and just tap out.”

We all know the Bachelor editors are magicians, so it’s not entirely clear if Barbara pushes her to her breaking point or if it’s the whole my-boyfriend-is-dating-another-woman thing. Our gut tells us that Barbara is probably worried that Hannah Ann is too young to marry and that’s why she’s concerned. However, she asks Madison (who’s also 23) if she thinks she and Weber are “really compatible,” so perhaps that’s not the case.

Thankfully, we’ll finally find out how this season ends when The Bachelor kicks off a two-part finale Monday, March 9, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.


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