‘Bachelor’ Star Kelsey Weier Sets the Record Straight on #ChampagneGate

If you’ve watched this season of The Bachelor, then you probably have some thoughts about #ChampagneGate. Peter Weber has weighed in on it, Hannah Ann and Tammy definitely made their opinions known, and now Kelsey Weier, the contestant at the center of #ChampagneGate, is finally speaking out about what Chris Harrison calls “the pop heard ’round the world.” 

In a just-released clip from the upcoming Bachelor Women Tell All episode, Harrison asks former Bachelor contestant Shiann if she felt Weier’s reaction was justified. (ICYMI: Weier sobbed and accused Hannah Ann of trying to sabotage her when she mixed up a special bottle of Champagne that Weier brought from home with a standard issue one supplied by the Bachelor producers.) Shiann shared that she felt Weier’s response to the Champagne snafu was “irrational.”

Instead of freaking out, Weier responded, “I would totally agree with that. I’m not going to say that I was justified in my reaction, but I was justified in my emotion.” It was an important distinction that sparked quite the debate on the Women Tell All.

Tammy shot back, reminding Weier that she was “literally crying the whole day” and that it was a bit much. Then, Tammy’s arch nemesis Mykenna chimed in telling her she has no right to tell someone how they should feel. Weier shut both of them down by saying, “Tammy, it’s my time.”

Now that’s settled, but we still have no idea who Weber ends up with at the end of the day. The final rose ceremony and Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor premieres tonight at 8 p.m. PT/ET on ABC.


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