Finally! Babysitting Comes to The Wing (So We May Actually Get Some Work Done)

Affordable day care may only be a reality in some Scandinavian countries (BRB, moving to Sweden), but one co-working company is hoping that the added service will entice more working mothers to join the club.

The Wing, a women-focused co-working space with locations in NYC, D.C., San Francisco (and coming soon to L.A., Chicago, Seattle and more) has just added a new benefit to their membership: babysitting.

Announced in November, the Little Wing will provide on-site day care service to members of their SoHo and (forthcoming) West Hollywood locations. The SoHo location is already accepting bookings for babysitters, with services beginning at the end of January. For $25 for a two-hour babysitting session, The Wing hopes working moms will be enticed to enroll in a membership ($215/month for a single location, or $2,350 annually).

“When I was around five months’ pregnant, I noticed I was already getting unsolicited, but appreciated, recommendations from members for child care,” co-founder Lauren Kassan told Bloomberg in December.

The Little Wing will also give parents the option to enroll their kids in movement classes, monthly programming and open play hours, according to their website.

Gotta go, Mommy needs to check her email in peace (the princess dress-up hour is still on our cal for 4 p.m., though).

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