Hulu Unveils First Look at Amy Schumer’s New Comedy Series, ‘Life & Beth’

Amy Schumer is ready to bring the laughs in her new comedy series.

Hulu just released the first-look photos from her comedy show called Life & Beth. The stand-up comedian serves as writer, director, executive producer and star in the upcoming project. The 10-episode series will debut on the platform on March 18.

Life & Beth tells the story of a young woman named Beth (Schumer), who has the perfect life—at least on paper. Although she makes a good income as a wine distributor and is in a long-term relationship with a successful, attractive man, she still yearns for more. However, a sudden incident turns her life upside down, causing it to change forever.

Through a series of flashbacks that show her adolescent years, Beth must confront her past and embark on a journey of self-discovery (again). 

Despite the fact that it is classified as a comedy, Life & Beth tackles serious themes. The Trainwreak star recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight and talked about the show’s inspiration. 

While Schumer and her husband (Chris Fischer) were renovating her family’s farm, she had some time to reflect and think about her life. Being in a place that held so many childhood memories inspired her to write the story. “It just hit me,” she said. “It felt like something I had to get out.”

She continued, “I also just loved the movie Eighth Grade and was like, ‘God, you really don't see this moment in girls’ lives,’ and how much it shapes you for the rest of your life if you don't heal and deal with it. And I do have my journals from about 10 years of my life starting around that age. So for a million reasons, I just really wanted to get this out.”

The series stars Michael Cera (Superbad), Susannah Flood (The Cherry Orchard), Kevin Kane (The Irishman), Yamaneika Saunders (Broad City), Laura Benanti (Supergirl), Larry Owens (Last Ferry), Michael Rapaport (Deep Blue Sea), Rosebud Baker (Inside Jokes) and LaVar Walker (Uncle Drew).

Just by the cast lineup, we can already tell Life & Beth is going to be good.

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