Reunion Alert! Amanda Seyfried Ran Into Her 2 On-Screen Dads at an Airport

Worlds are colliding in Geneva, Switzerland, and we are here for it.

Amanda Seyfried found both her (on-screen) dads at once—and we wonder what Meryl Streep would have to say about this. Pierce Brosnan (who played one of her possible dads in Mamma Mia!) ran into the actress and Hugh Jackman (who played Seyfried’s adopted dad in Les Misérables) at the Geneva airport on Tuesday.

Brosnan and Jackman posted the picture of the three together, and Brosnan expressed his admiration for the both of them in his caption. 

"So there I am sitting in the airport lounge at [Geneva] airport and who should walk into my day but Amanda and Hugh you both and all the work that you do ❤️safe travels," wrote the 65-year-old actor. Jackman captioned his post, "Our daughter. @mingey @piercebrosnanofficial."

Quick refresher: Jackman portrayed Jean Valjean in 2012’s musical adaptation of Les Misérables, where he raises orphaned Cosette after her mother (played by Anne Hathaway) dies. Brosnan starred as one of Seyfried’s three possible fathers, Sam, twice: in Mamma Mia! and the sequel, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

But, seriously, who needs a Mamma (Mia!) when you have two dads like these?

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