Aldi Is Adding Pineapple Mimosas to Its Cocktail Lineup—and They’re Only $9

aldi pineapple mimosa

We already love Aldi for its cheese aisle and cheap snacks. What’s next to steal our heart?

Mimosas—pre-mixed and bottled ones, to be exact. No, they’re not a new concept: The grocery store introduced the convenient cocktails last spring in a classic OJ flavor, and even had a pomegranate flavor in late summer. But this year, they’re adding pineapple to the lineup.

With chocolate Easter treats and punny cheeses, Aldi has really been wooing us with seasonal deals as of late. This just sealed the deal.

According to Aldi, the original orange mimosa will return to shelves on April 2, while the new pineapple bottles will make their debut on April 3. And at $9 for a 750 milliliter bottle, you can stock up to your heart’s content. Hellooo, spring.