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So, you’ve been a bit spend-happy these last couple of weeks months. It’s OK—it happens to the best of us. But it’s also why “zero-dollar days” are a genius (and wallet-friendly) little trick to help you get back on track. They work like this: You simply set a goal to get through a full day without spending a dollar. That’s it. Here, three things you might learn about your spending habits in the process.

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zero dollar days 1

You’ll Pay More Attention to Your Cash and Where You Spend It

Like the fact that you drop $4.50 on a coffee every single morning. (FYI, that adds up to $23 a week or $90 a month. Yikes.) On “Zero Dollar Days,” you’ll have to be more resourceful about where and how you get your daily cup of joe. Note to self: The free stuff at the office actually isn’t that bad.

zero dollar days 2

You’ll Become a Better Planner

For example, if you know you have a “Zero Dollar Day” approaching, you might make a meal with leftovers that can carry you through lunch and dinner the next day. Or, say, your favorite afternoon treat is a Diet Coke; you might invest in a 12-pack versus buying soda by the can. Dollars = saved.

zero dollar days 3

You’ll Get Competitive with Yourself

“Zero Dollar Days” are the ultimate personal challenge. Think about it: If you promise yourself you’ll get through 24 hours without spending a buck, it will feel like a total letdown if you slip up on that goal. Cue your inner competitive side. It’s you versus your daily spending…and go!

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