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Black Friday shopping involves three constants: You, a lengthy line of strangers and a shopping list that—come hell or high water—you will get through, no matter how much coffee (or elbow throwing) it takes. But before you impulsively spend all your hard-earned cash, listen up: According to the experts at DealNews, there are five items worth investing in the day after Thanksgiving—and five you’re better off skipping.

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Buy: 4K TVs

Of all the items that go on sale on Black Friday, TVs tend to be the most sought-after. Retailers consistently drop television prices to draw in shoppers, and you'll usually see the best offers of the year on this day. Still, the type of TV you’re looking to buy matters. This year, you can expect to score the biggest savings on 4K sets with some doorbuster deals as low as $170, but prices will likely be in the $200 to $400 range.

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Buy: Kitchen Items

From cookware to small appliances, you'll find big discounts on kitchen necessities come November. On Black Friday, Amazon, Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond will be the prime spot for top deals on items like Instant Pots, Nespresso machines and Kitchenaid mixers. Also worth snapping up: Everyday culinary essentials like Pyrex kitchenware or 10- to 13-piece cookware sets.

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Buy: A Dyson Vacuum

Black Friday is prime time to invest (at a hefty discount) in big-ticket home appliances that you’ve been waiting on all year. Case in point: Dyson. Last year, almost half of the vacuum deals listed hit annual price lows with Dyson models going for as little as $200.

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Buy: A New Dishwasher or Fridge

Big-brand, French door refrigerators will fall as low as $750 while dishwashers could go for as little as $200 at Sears and Home Depot, both of which will host their best sales of the year on appliances (sometimes up to 40 percent off).

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Buy: Budget-Friendly Laptops

You’ll find the best deals on more basic builds. For example, in previous years, Best Buy's doorbuster sale offered $300 off Microsoft Surface laptops and you can expect more of the same savings this year.

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Skip: Fitness Equipment

As tempting as it is to arm yourself with a treadmill (or stationary bike) to counteract the calories gained during the holiday season, you’re actually much better off waiting until January, when the deals match your New Year's resolutions.

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Skip: Tools

Black Friday will have a handful of special offers on tools, but you’ll actually see deeper discounts—and much more variety—in December.

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Skip: Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is the best time to score marked down jewels (up to 60 percent off), so if you can hold out for that rose-gold pendant necklace…do.

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Skip: 1080p TVs

It’s not that the deals on 1080p TVs won’t be good, but remember the discounts on 4K TVs we told you about? On Black Friday, they’ll pretty much match the cost of a 1080p TV, which means that even if you don’t care about 4K content right now, you might as well go with the “better” option since the cost is roughly the same.

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Skip: High-End Laptops

We repeat: Black Friday is all about the bargain tech. When it comes to high-performance machines (we’re looking at you, Apple), it’s better to time your investment with the release of a new model or back-to-school discount.

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