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Give us a 401(k) match and unlimited vacation days, and we’ll count ourselves pretty damn lucky when it comes to #workperks. But a handful of cool companies out there are upping the ante on benefits that give a serious boost to your bottom line.

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Courtesy of Boxed

The Company That Will Pay For Your Wedding: Boxed

Yes, you read that right: The CEO of Boxed—which is basically an online version of Costco, minus the delivery fees—pays out of pocket for employee weddings up to $20K. (He also pays for 100 percent of employees’ kids’ college tuition.) The goal? To help offset the hefty costs of all the most major life moments. (Watch his wedding reimbursement reveal here.)

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The Company That Will Cover the Cost of Your Education: Starbucks

As part of a collab with Arizona State University, Starbucks will foot the bill for every year of college for employees earning a bachelor’s degree. The online university—which is top-ranked, btw—has a choice of 80 different undergraduate programs, but that’s not all: Employees also get access to a dedicated team of coaches and advisors and 24/7 tutoring.

netflix on laptop

The Company That Offers Unlimited Maternity *and* Paternity Leave: Netflix

Netflix gives employees full control of their maternity and paternity leave up to a year following the birth of their baby in order to help moms and dads ease back into the work force following this major life change. This means that beyond your initial stint of PTO with a newborn, new parents can self-schedule and adjust, working part-time hours as needed to make the transition more seamless. Bravo.

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suitcase packed

The Company That Will Pay For You To Go On Vacation: Airbnb

Anyone with a serious case of wanderlust should take note: Airbnb provides a whopping $2,000 annually to cover accommodations for employees to travel and stay at Airbnbs anywhere in the world. (This Santorini Cave House included.)


The Company That Covers the Cost of Self-Care: Microsoft

It’s the only thing better than a standing desk: An $800 annual reimbursement on gym and fitness expenses as part of the tech giant’s “StayFit” program that encourages employees to focus on wellness year-round. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to eligible expenses: Use the stipend to pay your monthly Equinox fee or apply it toward something more niche like massages, weight loss programs or meditation. Namaste.

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