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When LinkedIn recently revealed its list of the 50 most in-demand start-ups in the country, we were impressed by the innovation and growth of course, but mostly we were gawking over the ridiculously amazing company benefits. Here, some of the perks we plan on suggesting at our next HR meeting.

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Free rides
Commuting to work is such a drag. If only you were an Uber employee, then you could use some of your free monthly credits for rides into the office (or um, on Uber Eats).

Accommodation credit
Guys, Airbnb employees receive an annual $2,000 stipend to stay in Airbnb locales around the world. Secluded tree house for the weekend, anyone?

A very casual dress code
There’s casual Fridays and then there’s what interior design platform Houzz is doing. On their first day of work, every new Houzz employee gets a pair of slippers to wear around the office so they can feel at home. (Because their business is homes, get it?)

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They give back
At Dropbox, the benefits package includes 32 hours of volunteer time off that so that employees can give back to a cause they care about. The company will also match up to $1,000 for all donations made by Dropboxers to charitable organizations. 

Fun team events (but really)
Forget your standard Friday night company-sponsored happy hour. At electric vehicle start-up Nio, bimonthly “team time” means bonding through activities like trivia and scavenger hunts. Who said work can’t be fun?

A generous benefits package
Fourteen days vacation? Pah. Cyber security company Cybereason offers employees unlimited vacation, reimbursement for commuting expenses, free lunch and an employee referral bonus of up to $5,000.

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Executive coffee chats
You can go years without seeing the head honcho at some corporations, but at meeting space service Convene, every new hire meets with one or both of the company’s co-founders over coffee. They also receive a giant chocolate business card with their name on it, which sounds pretty amazing.

On-site perks
Personal finance company Credit Karma offers an on-site spa for manicures and pedicures, nap nooks and dedicated rooms for music jam sessions, art creation and retro arcade games. How any work gets done is beyond us. 

A good night’s sleep
How does receiving a full suite of sleep products (from the mattress to the pillows) sound? That’s what new employees of e-commerce sleep company Casper get, plus nap pods located around the office just in case they didn’t get enough shut-eye last night. Hey, these guys are serious about sleep.

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