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You folded the laundry. There are no dishes in the sink. Even your bed is made. Kudos to you! Revel in your accomplishments. Now come back to reality, because we’re willing to bet there are a few spots left untouched—simply because you never really see them. Here, five places in your home that, like us, you probably haven’t thought to clean (but should).

cleaning bed skirts

Bed Skirts

Otherwise known as dust ruffles, bed skirts are really only good for one thing: hiding your stash of unsightly belongings (namely, winter coats and spare air mattresses). Other than that, you can expect a whole lot of dust to cling to that fabric.

How to cleanFollowing the care instructions, throw it in the wash along with the rest of your bedding. As a rule, you should wash this with every new season.

Sponsored swiffer ceiling fan
Laura Wing-Kamoosi

Ceiling Fans

Sure, ceiling fans look pretty when you’re standing below them, but have you ever dared to look at what’s on the other side? We’ll give you a hint: Layers of dust.

How to clean: To reach up high (without teetering on a chair), use a Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender. This nifty tool extends up to three feet, and because of the trap-and-lock technology, you won’t have to worry about dust flying all over the place. Plus, the flexible head pivots and locks into four different positions, making it even easier to clean hard-to-reach areas.

cleaning dishwasher

The Dishwasher

We know, it seems unnecessary to clean something that’s meant to clean. In reality, though, your dishwasher can quickly become a hub for unpleasant smells due to all the food and residue running through it on a daily basis.

How to clean: Place a dishwasher-safe bowl of white vinegar on the top rack and run a rinse cycle. This helps with the odor and breaks down greasy buildup. Repeat this process about once a week.

cleaning behind toilet

Behind the Toilet

Let’s be honest, cleaning any part of the bathroom isn’t exactly a pleasant task—and that goes double when it comes to the toilet. But since you routinely keep the inside sparkling (right?), it’s only proper to make sure the outside is glistening as well. To get it done efficiently, you’ll need a little help from a trusty source.

How to clean: Aim your clothes steamer at the offending area to loosen any caked-on grime and debris, then use a toilet brush to lift away the mess. Wipe with a cloth and it’s good as new.

cleaning couch cushions

Under the Couch Cushions

Your couch has most definitely seen better days. Between binge-watching sessions, gossiping over red wine with your girlfriends and, you know, general use, it’s safe to assume the situation under your cushions is less than ideal.

How to clean: If you have removable covers, simply unzip them and give them a good shake. (For stains, follow the care instructions and wash or dry-clean accordingly.) If you can’t remove the covers, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to suck up crumbs and dirt.

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