Move Over, Millennial Pink: Here's the Decor Color We're About to See Everywhere

New York City restaurants brought us the Cronut and the cacio e pepe renaissance. And now we have them to thank for an obsession of the non-edible variety: a dreamy, deep-sea teal that’s been popping up in dining interiors around town.

We first became enamored when we spotted the walls at Studio, the all-day restaurant in the Freehand Hotel in NYC. Then we noticed it in the California-inspired color scheme at west~bourne. And on the bar and matching stools at MeMe’s Diner. And in the booths at The Williamsburg Hotel.

At first glance, teal might seem like an extension of last year’s navy trend, but somehow it feels a little more romantic, a little more secret-rendezvous-by-the-Mediterranean. (It’s a vibe, OK?) It can sometimes skew slightly bluer or greener, depending on your preference. And while teal definitely falls under the jewel-tone umbrella—we’ve even heard it described as “emerald” (weird but sure)—it’s a much more muted, dusky incarnation than the shade that was splashed across windbreakers in the ’80s.

The more we see of the lush hue, the more inspired we are to incorporate it into our own space. We love the immersive impact of it as a wall color, but it also adds plenty of seaside languor in the form of an accent chair, an area rug or a duvet.

Something about the color feels ideal (yet unexpected) for a spring home refresh, but we have a feeling we’ll be into it for seasons to come—longer than our fling with rainbow bagels, anyway.

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