If You Change One Thing in Your Living Room This Summer, Let It Be This

Helloo, statement rugs

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Lulu & Georgia

Sure, every interior designer has their own style. But if there are two things that a contemporary lover and vintage enthusiast can agree on, it’s: 1) popcorn ceilings should be banned like smoking in a restaurant, and 2) an area rug is the secret to bringing a room together. That said, for the latter, a recent Etsy report found that statement rugs are making a comeback in a very Gen Z, old-meets-new way—from a 401 percent increase in searches for “handwoven rugs” to a 49 percent increase in “wavy rugs.” Turkish rugs with antique/vintage distressing also seem to be everywhere, while a 55 percent increase in searches for “colorful rugs” speaks to the return of Bauhaus textiles and color blocking. 

So below, find an expert breakdown of eight statement rug trends on the horizon, plus 30 of our top picks—from machine-washable numbers designed by Jonathan Adler to stunning scalloped cowhides that’ll leave your friend’s jaws on the floor. 

Our Top 5 Statement Area Rugs at a Glance

Statement Rug Trends for 2023

According to David Nourafshan, owner of Los Angeles-based rug company Lawrence Of La Brea with 25 years of experience sourcing antique and modern rugs, there are eight looks he’s seeing explode with rug trends in 2023: 

  1. Retro and Vintage: Surprise, surprise: Vintage is here to stay. After the recent hype around trends like Newstalgia and historic maximalist, it makes perfect sense to see retro and vintage rugs at the forefront this year. “Look for mixed patterns, natural and blended colors or floral motifs. A mixture of different geometric shapes and colors makes them ideal for contemporary and classic interiors,” Nourafshan suggests. 
  2. Layered: Instead of looking for everything you need from one rug, Nourafshan says designers are layering multiple rugs with varying textures, patterns and colors to draw visual interest. “Combining two or more styles and designs can create a layered effect for your home decor, making the room [seem] more lively. Another trend of using two or more rugs to layer up the space is the pad design in between. This is often done when an area has high traffic, so the rug does not need to be replaced but is knotted together with the pad in between,” he explains. 
  3. Bauhaus: “Many Scandinavian homes have recently popularized Bauhaus,” which features abstract, angular and geometric shapes with little ornamentation. Per Nourafshan, “You'll often find them in natural colors like light brown, gray or white that can blend into almost any space. Office spaces are also perfect for this rug style, as they're designed to be more durable and work well under heavy office furniture.”
  4. Color blocking: “Combining different colors while referencing one color as inspiration is a design method that can create a powerful look,” he says. “The colors are designed to be bold, so it's best to use color block patterns in spaces with neutral tones (so it doesn't overpower anything else in the room).”
  5. Curved: “Curved and irregular rugs make a bold statement with a combination of different geometric shapes and colors that stand out due to their uniqueness,” Nourafshan explains. “Of all the rug styles on this list, these rugs have the most artistic flair. They're also designed to be highly versatile and used in many different spaces.”
  6. Oriental: While Persian rugs have been around for centuries, the look is getting a modern makeover with globally inspired influences: “A handwoven Moroccan carpet is an example, with intricate designs and bold colors that create a powerful statement.” He also mentions: “Oriental rugs make an ideal choice for the dining room or living room due to their size, kitchen and bedrooms. The variations in the material used to make these rugs also make them more versatile.”
  7. Natural Fiber: “Eco-friendly and organic rug designs are becoming popular, now that home decor is becoming natural and sustainable,” Nourafshan says. “From sisal to jute and bamboo, the materials used to make natural fiber rugs are increasing in popularity, due to their durability and the sustainable nature of their design…You can find them in various braided or flat-woven options—and many natural rugs create a modern look with a geometric or contemporary pattern and bold yet simple color palettes.”
  8. Performance: This is perhaps the most family-friendly trend, where performance rugs are “are designed with specific features to enhance the functionality of high-traffic areas, like dining rooms or living rooms,” he says. “Many will have durable features, including anti-slip, moisture absorption or fire resistance.” Plus, performance rugs are also easy to clean (thanks to their stain- and spill-resistant construction).

How to Make a Statement Rug Work in Your Space

According to Nourafshan, “Before you start decorating, consider why you’ve chosen your rug. What is the overall look and feel you’re going for? If you haven’t yet chosen a rug, choosing one that suits your style and the space's design aesthetic is essential.” So below, he’s put together a list of how to choose the right one: 

  • Size: “The dimensions of your furnishings must correspond with those of the rug you have chosen. A rug that is too small might make your furniture look cramped, while a rug that is too big can make your space feel cluttered. If you want to play it safe, always leave at least 18 inches of floor space between the edge of the rug and the furniture. This is a decent rule of thumb.” 
  • Color: “A colorful rug can add depth and interest if you have neutral walls and furniture, while a neutral rug can balance the space if you have bold walls or furniture…Examine the hues in your rug, then decide which one or two you would like to stand out the most. You can build the rest of the room's color palette on top of these, which will serve as the foundation. This is one of the simplest methods when decorating a room with a specific piece as the focal point.”
  • Texture: “Texture can add depth and warmth to a room, so you want to consider the lighting of your space. A room with large windows and natural light can pair well with a jute or shag rug, which can add depth without making the space feel more confined. Then, a room with less natural light or lower ceilings is better off with something lower pile, such as a traditional oriental rug. Texture can be reiterated through curtains, pillows and throws, as well.”
  • Pattern: “If your rug features a detailed pattern, consider using a color scheme that is more neutral for the rest of the room. Because of this, the area will not feel as overpowering or disorganized. Neutral patterns are most suitable for modern and minimalistic spaces. However, you can also choose neutral base pieces, such as furniture or curtains, and add pops of color throughout the space through other decor items such as pillows or wall art.”

10 of the Best Area Rugs to Totally Transform Your Space

The Best Statement Rugs by Type

statement rugs 1
Magnolia x Loloi
  • Size Range: from 2’3” x 3’9” to 8’6” x 11’6”
  • Material: 100 percent polyester
  • Why We Love It: antique rustic design is elegant yet current, machine-washable, soft underfoot, highly resilient against staining and wear, advanced digital printing on low-profile polyester surface, eco-friendly and made with up to 58% recycled plastic bottles

With three traditional medallions on a striated clay-hued field, HGTV star Joanna Gaines partnered with Loloi to deliver this enveloping rustic design, finished with a light floral border. The design, however, is just the icing on the (ultra-durable) cake: The rug is power-loomed with a soft polyester face, making it highly resistant to stains and wear, and it’s 100 percent machine washable (tumble dry on low). 

Take it from one reviewer, who raves: “It is thin, only about 0.25 inches thick, but it feels cushioned underfoot. The nap feels like velour, so is very soft and tactile, almost like a blanket. I love how it feels on my bare feet… There are hints of russet, but it mostly reads as beige and brown with some olive green. It has a rich, aged look, like an old hand-woven Persian rug. Vacuuming is easy, and there is no fringe to have to work around. The edges are very neatly bound and the stitching is even with no skips or pulls. I love that you can wash this in a washing machine. I haven't needed to yet, [thanks to its stain-resistant technology].” Bonus: Up to 58 percent of the material is derived from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s also eco-friendly.

statement rugs 2
  • Size Range: from 3’ x 5’to 7’ x 10’
  • Material: 100 percent polyester
  • Why We Love It: $100 for a 5’x7’, blue and gray color options, lightly distressed finish, fringe adds texture, durable and easy to vacuum 

If you’re in the market for a chic, durable Persian (that’s only $100 for a 5’x7’), this guy is the ticket. It’s available in gray and blue colorways—but we’re impartial to the latter, which showcases a vibrant aqua diamond pattern with a light distressed finish. The tassel detailing adds a hint of texture, while the woven low-pile construction keeps it from overwhelming the space. Not to mention that it gets bonus points for durability: “The photos of this rug do not do it justice; it is so gorgeous, great quality! Gets daily traffic, my dog is always running across it, and it still looks brand new. Easy to vacuum as well,” one reviewer writes. 

statement rugs 3
ABC Carpet

Best Luxury

3. ABC Carpet Silk Rug

  • Size Range: 8’9” x 11’11” (one size)
  • Material: 100 percent silk
  • Why We Love It: handmade from organic silk with an abstract design, smooth and ultra-silky on the feet, light blue, cerulean, gray, and ivory hues make it unique, shapeshifting texture adds depth, sustainable and environmentally conscious

Expertly handmade from fine, organic silk strands, this is about as luxurious as it gets when it comes to colorful statement rugs. Its unique, abstract pattern blends light blue, cerulean, gray and ivory hues—so it’s guaranteed to draw visual interest—while the oversized, 11-foot width is perfect for a large living room in need of some personality. The silk yarn is directly spun from cocoon, making it ultra-smooth, and “the natural coarse silk is treated to create extraordinary shiny texture [that’s] soft and shapeshifting,” per the brand. That said, there’s only one of these masterpieces available (in one size), so if you’re looking for something just as luxurious, we’d recommend you check ABC Carpet's one-of-a-kind collection

statement rugs 4 1
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 9’ x 12’
  • Material: polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier
  • Why We Love It: washable and OK to tumble dry, spill- and stain-resistant, classic Persian design is available in 5 colors, includes a cushioned or standard rug pad, 0.12-pile height

In a PureWow100 review, this rug was awarded 90 points out of 100 for its gorgeous Persian design and “the fact that it’s both nontoxic and machine washable,” writes Rachel Bowie, senior director of special projects. “Yogurt went all over one of the corners [of the rug], and a wet paper towel still left a bit of a congealed mess. I also worried it would smell. So, I detached the cover and tossed it into the machine. I have a standard-size washer and it fit just fine. My favorite part was that it’s totally a-OK to tumble dry on low. (Line drying seems like a nightmare, given its size.) It came out good as new, and I reattached it to the nonslip rug pad.” 

statement rugs 5

Best Indoor/Outdoor

5. Revival Bocce Indoor/Outdoor Rug

  • Size Range: from 5’ x 8’ to 10’ x 14’ (or you can customize the size here)
  • Material: 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate 
  • Why We Love It: can be used both indoors and outdoors, flatwoven and 3-4mm thick, plaid print with hand-tied self-fringe on two sides, customizable size, made from recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly

Here, another ultra-durable rug we’re loving from Revival’s new Outside-In collection. It features a playful take on ‘lawn sports attire’ with a chic, plaid color combination of rust, navy and pale blush accents. Not only is it handwoven with durable and sustainable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers, but it’s also designed to be water- and mildew-resistant for outdoor use—while still having the cozy feel of wool: “the rug is thicker than I expected and definitely doesn’t feel like an indoor/outdoor rug. Colors are awesome,” writes one person. 

Plus, another reviewer says, “I love that it’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic yet feels incredibly soft under our feet.” That’s right—the rug is also eco-friendly, where each one is crafted from 460 to 500 recycled plastic bottles. 

statement rugs 14
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 9’ x 12’
  • Material: power-loomed polyester
  • Why We Love It: modern-classic Persian design, available in neutral and green, ultra-soft on the feet with a low 0.27-inch thickness, good for high-traffic areas, easy to clean, holds up over time

A modern take on the classic Persian design, this rug draws inspiration from ornate patterns while keeping it modern with muted, neutral (or green) tones. It’s power-loomed from durable polyester, so yes, it’s great for high-traffic areas—and the 0.27-inch pile makes it easy to clean while still being soft on the feet: “This is a nice, flat rug that does not shed or lose fibers. It is easy to vacuum and is holding up well after several months,” writes one reviewer. Others also add: “Wow this rug is like clouds under your feet. Softest rug I’ve literally ever felt,” and, “HECK YES, it's the softest, most awesome rug. My son won't stop laying on it. It's a very muted blue-green and the design is beautiful.”  

statement rugs 10
Lulu and Georgia

Best Geometric

7. Lulu & Georgia Senna Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 14’
  • Material: wool and cotton
  • Why We Love It: striking linear design, fringe edge gives it an organic appeal, softer underfoot than it looks, low pile with high durability, good for larger living areas that need dimension 

With wide, structured lines set against a neutral background, this geometric strikes the perfect balance organic modern design. The hand-knotted wool finish gives it a cozy, lived-in feel while the 20 percent cotton backing makes it breathable and lightweight. And of course, you have the slightly fringed border, which lends the sprawling geometric center a natural edge: “This rug instantly transformed my space,” raves one reviewer. “The pattern is bold but doesn't overpower the rest of the furnishings. The rug itself is soft and feels amazing underfoot.” Many people also comment on its softness, where one person adds: “It looks like it's made out of jute, but it's actually softer and more plush than you'd think.” 

statement rugs 6
Anne Selke
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’
  • Material: 52 percent sisal, 48 percent wool
  • Why We Love It: has a natural textured look with a soft wool feel, available in four timeless colors, good for high-traffic areas, 0.25-inch pile height prevents dirt and debris from seeping in

You know how we mentioned layered rugs are all the rage right now?  This number from Dash & Albert can serve as your starting point. Its hand-crafted wool features a roving popcorn design (available in indigo, grey, wheat and sky) while the jute base offers a natural, understated texture. The low-profile sisal blend is also ultra-durable—where the 0.25-inch pile height prevents dirt and debris from seeping in—and the feel is anything but scratchy (a rarity for this type of material): “Great neutral with an interesting pattern. Soft underfoot but not too ‘fluffy.’ I didn't know when I ordered, but it doesn't shed like so many other natural fiber rugs. Holds up well to kids and pets,” one person writes.

statement rugs 7
The citizenry
  • Size Range: from 5’ x 8’ to 9’ x 12’ 
  • Material: 100 percent wool
  • Why We Love It: wool texture with a flatwoven .25-inch pile, understated grid design with fringe details, soft without feeling scratchy, neutral tones fit any aesthetic 

Just as cozy as your favorite sweater, this rug’s 100 percent wool is basically begging to be placed in front of a fireplace. While its extra soft feel is supported by a double-reinforced wool construction, the .25-inch pile keeps it looking understated and elegant. Add to that, the fact that its minimal grid design and the soothing palette of greys is finished with subtle fringe detailing that brings it all together. One reviewer says, “Subtle plaid in lovely soft grey and cream, soft underfoot, gives my neutral bedroom the finishing touch it needed,” while another adds: “feels good—not itchy, not plush; just right.”

statement rugs 8
Rugs USA
  • Size Range: from 3’9” x 6’ to 7’6” x 9’6”
  • Material: 100 percent polyester
  • Why We Love It: buttery soft feel, machine-washable and spill- and stain-resistant, available in six colors that are muted and luxurious  

Faux fur—but make it machine-washable and kid-friendly. This rug, which we were first drawn to for its buttery soft texture and six color options, is unlike any other fur option on the market. While its premium, polyester fibers are constructed to be spill- and stain-resistant, it’s also completely machine-washable (where you can tumble-dry on low): “Very soft, like walking on a cloud. I've cleaned it twice with gentle soap and it dried and retained its original texture…so far so good,” writes one person. And of course, people seem to be just as happy with the look and feel of the faux fur: “The texture is so beautiful and really adds to the quality of the rug. I also love that it's a soft white not ivory,” one reviewer adds. Another also says, “This rug is the softest ever and very luxurious! It’s an off-white but still looks great in my white bathroom.”

statement rugs 9
  • Size Range: from 5’ x 8’ to 14’ by 18’
  • Material: premium hair-on cowhide
  • Why We Love It: neutral silver tones still make a statement, chevron pattern adds tone-on-tone texture, cowhide is durable and easy to spot-clean, long-lasting, oversized options are great for larger living rooms and dining rooms

Excuse us while we remove our jaws from the floor over the stunning design of this rug. If you’re anything like us, you’re loving this year’s luxe-rustic look—and this handmade-from-premium-cowhide rug totally hits the mark. While the material is durable and easy to spot-clean with water, the real showstopper is the silver chevron pattern, which is guaranteed to make all of your friends jealous: “Of the thousands of dollars I have spent in the last few months renovating and redecorating, this is by far my very favorite purchase. I am so proud of it, and it is the first thing people notice when they walk in the room. They verbally say, ‘Oh!’ when they see it,” writes one reviewer. 

statement rugs 11
  • Size Range: from 2’3” x 3’9” to 9’3” x 13’
  • Material: 100 percent wool
  • Why We Love It: scalloped edge design available in 3 colors, stain-resistant, low-pile is easy-to-clean, soft without feeling scratchy, GoodWeave certified

This number was designed by Justina Blakeney for Loloi, so right off the bat, you know: It was created with this year’s trends in mind (hellooo, curves). Its abstract, scalloped shape and vibrant stroke border (available in ivory, aqua and rose) are unlike anything else on this list—and the wool’s hand-looped construction has a dense, firm pile of 0.75 inches, so it’s substantial without feeling scratchy. The rug is also GoodWeave certified, which means each one is ethically produced with support for its weavers, and constructed with durability and stain resistance in mind: “It has a nice tight and low pile, so cleaning it is easy. The colors are neutral but still add a little pop, and the wavy edge is a lovely design to soften some of the more straight lines in the room,” writes one reviewer. 

statement rugs 12
  • Size Range: from 2’5” x 9’ to 9’ x 12’
  • Material: New Zealand wool and cotton
  • Why We Love It: subtle rib texture and fringe detail creates dimension, available in two earthy hues, wool is ultra-soft on the feet, 11-12mm pile height

If you automatically equate solid with boring, think again. The New Zealand wool and cotton blend of Parachute’s rug echoes the brand’s livable textures and quality fabrics—while the design makes it stand out from other monotone options. It features woven wool rows that create a subtle and sculpted rib texture, which enhances each hue (available in quartz and agate) seamlessly. It’s also finished with a knotted cotton fringe, which adds a touch of dimension when laid flat: “The texture adds such an inviting feel to the room [and] it is so soft and cozy underfoot,” writes one reviewer. 

statement rugs 13
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 9’ x 12’
  • Material: polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier
  • Why We Love It: designed in collaboration with Jonathan Adler, minimalist dots add to the stripes, washable and OK to tumble dry, spill- and stain-resistant, available in 4 colors, includes a cushioned or standard rug pad, 0.12 pile height

Not your grandmother’s stripes; this minimalist geometric was designed by Jonathan Adler for Ruggable (need we say more?).  The display of dots and fine lines elevate your typical stripes, while the four available colors—including ivory, camel, lapis and slate blue—blend with ivory accent to make it work in virtually any space. And of course, as with all Ruggable options, it’s machine-washable, stain-resistant and made to last: “Of course, when one of my favorite interior designers, Jonathan Adler, welcomed a collaboration, I simply couldn’t resist!! I receive so many compliments and my friends cannot believe it when I say it’s machine washable…[it’s great] if you have a high-traffic living area like mine,” writes one reviewer. 

Statement Rugs by Style

statement rugs 15

Best Vintage

15. Revival Pashko Rug

  • Size Range: 5’3” x 9’4”
  • Material: 100 percent wool
  • Why We Love It: one-of-a-kind medallion design with Persian and floral accents, crosshatched fade creates a distressed look, hand-knotted in Turkey, affordable for authentic vintage, wool is soft on the feet with a low-pile that’s easy to care for 

Let’s get one thing out of the way: If you’re looking for the mecca of authentic, vintage Persian rugs (that won’t run you upwards of $5,000), Revival is where it’s at. The brand has an entire warehouse of one-of-a-kind oriental patterns, where everything is uniquely handmade by artisans around the world: “The [rugs] come beautifully packaged and in perfect condition! It's obvious that great care is taken in cleaning and repairing them. There's no comparison to a true vintage rug and Revival has the best selection,” writes one person. That said, we’re basically drooling over this Turkish option, which features a central medallion with intricate Persian and floral patterns and crosshatched fade that creates a soft, distressed look. And of course, the real statement comes from its color palette, which spans from rust red and spiced pumpkin orange to navy, warm vanilla beige and graphite gray. But the cherry on top? It’s made from 100 percent wool with a 0.2-inch pile, so it’s just as soft on the feet as it is easy to clean. 

statement rugs 16
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 14’
  • Material: wool and viscose
  • Why We Love It: shimmering pattern emulates Morrocan tiles, two-tone blue and ivory design, thick and substantial pile that’s plush underfoot, fade-resistant, easy to spot clean, holds up over time

A modern take on the age-old streets in Marrakech,  this two-toned rug was carefully crafted to capture the detail of Moroccan tiles. Its pattern is set on a sumptuous, ivory wool background where the shimmering blue geometrics were created with a tufting tool; yarn is passed through a frame-stretched fabric backing with a viscose pattern that’s made to last: “The colors are stunning and the rug very substantial, great quality…It has held up for a year without fading and still looks great after a professional cleaning, notwithstanding constant foot traffic and a large dog that loves to roll around on it,” backs one reviewer. Plus, another writes: “It has a gleam to it that makes it feel special—and it is soft and plush—doesn’t shed!”

statement rugs 17
Urban Outfitters
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 6’ x 9’
  • Material: cotton chenille 
  • Why We Love It: vintage-inspired tribal pattern, flatwoven and easy to layer, soft underfoot, fringe adds texture and dimension 

Sticking with the theme of globally inspired options, this printed-cotton rug draws inspiration from vintage finds with a tribal geometric design on a low-profile chenille. It features a blend of warm colors that can bring a cozy ambiance to any space, while its fringe-edge finish adds a touch of texture to complete the look. “I was afraid this wasn’t going to be a soft rug, but lemme tell ya, it’s so soft and cozy! I layered the 5’ x 7’ with another rug and it’s so cute,” writes one reviewer. That said, it’s worth noting another reviewer’s warning: “It’s a softer, quilt-like rug, so I wouldn’t recommend using it in high-traffic areas where a thicker, heavier rug might be needed.”

statement rugs 18

Best Modern

18. CB2 Scallop Hide Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’5” x 8’ to 10’ x 14’
  • Material: hair-on-hide leather and wool-synthetic blend
  • Why We Love It: sophisticated hide-on-hair leather scallops, glossy finish each rug is unique, made with high-quality materials in India, smooth underfoot feel

Sophisticated, scalloped and oh-so-soft, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this swoon-worthy hide as our modern pick. It’s fit with layers of hide-on-hair leather scallops—and each rug is unique, ranging from brown-black to true black due to the nature of the hide—so you know you’re getting a uniquely dimensional finish. While the front is made of 100 percent hair-on-hide leather, the back features a wool-synthetic blend with a zero-pile height (so it’s best suited for low-traffic areas). 

“It's a really elegant addition and I love the feel of it underfoot,” writes one reviewer. Plus, another says, “The rug looks very much as it does in the images; really good quality hide, thick and glossy. Mine was 100 percent true black.”

statement rugs 19
Lulu and Georgia
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 14’
  • Material: wool and cotton 
  • Why We Love It: linear pattern was inspired by textile designer Otti Berger, earthy muted tones keep it from overpowering the space, thick 0.38-inch pile, smooth and soft underfoot 

Leaning into this year’s Bauhaus trend? This rug—which was created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based interior designer, Nina Freudenberger—aims to do just that. It was inspired by the women of the Bauhaus movement, particularly textile designer Otti Berger, who was known for her minimal, geometric weaves. Its prismatic design is hand-knotted from a luxurious wool-cotton blend, where the abstract linear colors are meant to enhance a room without overpowering it. One reviewer raves: “This rug us like artwork for your floor. The colors are beautiful, and the high-low pattern adds interesting texture and dimension,” and another adds, “It’s thick enough but not too thick. The colors are deep, and it feels good underfoot.”

statement rugs 20

Best Scandinavian

20. Loloi II Hagen Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’7” x 4’ to 7’10” x 10’10”
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Why We Love It: simple geometric design, neutral palette mimics Scandinavian hygge tones, soft and fade-resistant polypropylene, easy to spot-clean and vacuum, medium 0.5-inch pile height

If Hygge-chic came in rug form, it’d be this guy. Not only does it have a neutral palette with a simple navy geometric design, but it’s also incredibly soft underfoot, thanks to its 0.5-inch polypropylene pile. Plus, it’s also power-loomed with durability in mind and constructed to hold up against stains and color fading (i.e., practical—which is what the Danish lifestyle is all about). One reviewer even writes: “I didn’t want to get rid of a Danish set of teak furniture, so I needed a modern rug to tie the styles in. The rug [did the trick]!” 

Another person mentions: “the pile is comfy underfoot and easy to vacuum. The edges are laid down flat after only a few hours, and it does not bunch up or pucker on the edges. Spot-cleaning was also easy to do.”

statement rugs 21

Best Transitional

21. Hauteloom Hamler Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’3” to 8’10” x 10’12”
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Why We Love It: updated traditional with a modern geometric pattern, teal, ivory and orange work with a number of styles, medium-plush pile height, machine-washable and holds up over time

ICYMI, a transitional-style rug is the best compromise between traditional and modern aesthetics—and this machine-washable number blends both styles with flying colors (pun intended). The deep teal, ivory and orange hues are complemented by a faded pin-tuck pattern, while the polyurethane construction works overtime to offer a medium-plush feel. And yes, as we mentioned above, it’s machine-washable (so you know its materials are just as timeless as the design): “This rug is perfectly subtle, and I absolutely love the blue and brown/gold tones! Very current and a great accent for our room,” one customer notes. 

statement rugs 22
Pottery Barn

Best Traditional

22. Pottery Barn Monteith Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 8’ x 10’
  • Material: 100 percent jute
  • Why We Love It: American-heritage style plaid, olive, rust and cream make it feel current, durable with a 0.75-inch pile, reversible design, eco-friendly

In a classic, American-heritage style, this is yet another option that’s nailing this year’s rustic traditional trend. The timeless plaid is offset by olive, rust, and cream hues—making it feel current instead of stuffy—while the low pile height of 0.75 inches gives it a flatwoven body that maintains its understated charm. The handwoven, 100 percent jute loop cut is also ultra-durable, where it can stand up to spills and daily wear with spot-cleaning only. Add to that, the fact that the design is reversible and the materials are crafted from renewable, all-natural jute (so it’s chic and eco-friendly).

statement rugs 23
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’6” to 8’3” x 11’3”
  • Material: 100 percent polyester
  • Why We Love It: fits boho, rustic and traditional styles, CloudPile softness with a 0.38-inch pile height, stain- and fade-resistant 

Part California cool, part vintage, this velvety-soft number blends warm, desert tones with a faded antique feel that can work with rustic and boho aesthetics alike. The polyester construction features CloudPile softness with a 0.38-inch pile height—so it’s low-profile yet cozy—and its stain- and fade-resistant technology makes it great for high-traffic areas. “It’s the softest rug I’ve ever owned or felt. My dog will not leave it...It also matches any room with its neutral, earthy tones,” writes one happy customer. 

Best Statement Rugs by Room

statement rugs 24
Rugs Direct

Best for Living Rooms

24. Becki Owens x Surya Lila Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’2” x 3’9” to 9’2” x 12”
  • Material: 100 percent polyester
  • Why We Love It: antique design inspired by old-world heirlooms, 4 updated color combos to choose from, performance polyester is fade- and stain-resistant, soft underfoot with a low-pile

Inspired by old-world heirlooms, this rug combines a vintage design with smart materials, making it our top choice for large living rooms (or high-traffic areas). First, there’s the updated antique design, which showcases a classic central medallion with distressed botanical borders. The distressed finish lends it a lived-in feel while the updated color combos (available in four options) make it trendy. Beyond that, however, the construction features a low-profile polyester base that has been machine-woven to resist stains and wear—simply blot spills using a cloth or sponge, and vacuum with a suction-only setting as needed. “It looks great in my living room,” one person writes. “The colors are exactly as they appear on the website; there is light and dark gray on the perimeter, rust/camel base, baby blue in the corners, light creamy peach in the center just as pictured…truly so beautiful in person.”

statement rugs 25
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 6’ x 9’
  • Material: polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier
  • Why We Love It: designed in collaboration with Morris & Co., nails the English Country kitchen trend, washable and OK to tumble dry, spill- and stain-resistant, available in 2 muted colors, 3-times thicker than other Ruggable rugs and softer underfoot

ICYMI, Morris & Co. is one of the most luxurious textile manufacturers on the market—and the border of trailing honeysuckle, clematis and acanthus leaves on this rug speaks to the brand’s everlasting elegance. It’s available in two finishes—ivory/blue and natural—and its neutral tones are guaranteed to deliver on all fronts when it comes to nailing the English country kitchen trend

Plus, before you get all up in our grill about the white solid center (which will inevitably face a spill or two), you’ll be happy to know its polyester is machine-washable and totally stain-repellant. Add to that, the fact that it’s fit with a premium medium pile, which is three times thicker than Ruggable’s classic rugs (thus providing triple the softness underfoot). 

statement rugs 26
Rifle Paper Co.

Best for Dining Rooms

26. Rifle Paper Co. Palais Luxembourg Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’3” x 3’9” to 7’6” x 9’6”
  • Material: 100 percent polyester
  • Why We Love It: combines Rifle Paper’s signature florals with traditional London-inspired motifs, soft polyester base, printed patterns have vibrant colors with colorfast technology, durable and stain-resistant.

Perhaps you’re sensing a theme here: Florals are in when it comes to dining/kitchen areas right now (and they’re not just groundbreaking for spring). Rifle Paper Co.’s collaboration with Loloi showcases this beautifully, where this rug’s design brings the lavish garden of the Luxembourg Palace to life. The printed pattern adorns a soft polyester base, providing both vibrancy and excellent stain resistance, and the 0.13-inch pile makes it durable and easy to clean. “Sooo soft, lays flat and doesn’t get bunched up on [the] carpet underneath. The colors and design are just so sweet and perfect! My favorite rug in the house,” one reviewer writes.

statement rugs 27

Best for Entryways

27. Dash and Albert Rugs Odyssey Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 9’ x 12’
  • Material: wool and cotton
  • Why We Love It: honeycomb hexagon pattern in indigo and white, handmade with a 0.25-inch pile, lightweight and breathable 

Featuring a contemporary weave of wavy stripes and honeycombed hexagons in indigo, denim and natural wool—this rug is sure to turn a few heads. It’s handmade from a blend of high-quality wool with a cotton finish that makes it breathable, while the low, 0.25-inch pile is easy-to-clean. It’s durable enough to withstand an entryway that gets heavy foot traffic, yet lightweight enough to balance its bold geometric design.

statement rugs 28
Crate and Barrel

Best for Bedrooms

28. Crate & Barrel Laval Rug

  • Size Range: from 6’ x 9’ to 10’ x 14’
  • Material: viscose
  • Why We Love It: luminous sheen has a vintage heirloom feel, viscose has a silk-like feel with a lush pile, shave looped yarn tips offer tonal variations, luxurious with high-quality materials

Along with hotel bedding, there’s one thing that can elevate a bedroom in an instant: a shimmering rug. This one has a dreamy smooth feel, where it was hand-crafted by artisans from viscose to mimic the feel of silk (at half the price). They also meticulously shaved the tips off the looped yarn in certain areas, creating tonal variations and giving the grey rug the appearance of a vintage heirloom. 

One reviewer writes, “I love the color, I love the feel, I love the quality of this rug! Gives a nice pop of [metallic]—soft and plush—and has small imperfections that give it the appearance of a vintage rug. Looks like it will last for many years.” That said, due to its delicate construction, it’s best for bedrooms or other low-traffic areas, where its texture won’t wear over time. 

statement rugs 29

Best for Patios

29. Project 62 Mod Desert Rug

  • Size Range: from 2’ x 4’ to 9’ x 12’
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Why We Love It: contemporary diamond pattern with neutral hues, quick-drying, weather-, mildew-, UV- and fade-resistant, easy to clean with water, durable flatweave is good for high-traffic areas

With a contemporary twist on a southwestern pattern, this diamond rug will bring some character to your plain ol’ patio. The 100 percent polypropylene construction is quick-drying and weather-, mildew-, UV- and fade-resistant while the flatweave construction makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. One reviewer says, “Love the modern pattern and design. It looks and has held up great under our covered patio over the past year—it sees a lot of foot traffic and water as our kids love to play on it with their water table.”

Another person also speaks to its durability, writing: “It’s already rained and there is no damage to the rug. Just hose it down to remove dirt. It also hides my dog’s hair well.”

statement rugs 30
  • Size Range: from 2’ x 3’ to 9’ x 12’ 
  • polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier
  • Why We Love It: designed in collaboration with Iris Apfel, butterfly motifs with a playful zig-zag pattern, washable and OK to tumble dry, spill- and stain-resistant, available in 2 colors, includes a cushioned or standard rug pad

Last but not least, another option from Ruggable that’ll look just as chic in the playroom as it does in the family room. The butterfly pattern was designed in collaboration with Iris Apfel and features an extravagant mix of insects in candy pink, coral and shades of blue. The zigzag aqua border also adds a playful touch, while the classic pile is cushy underfoot (also available in ‘medium’ for triple the softness). And of course, as with all Ruggables, this is designed to be water-resistant, stain-resistant and machine-washable: “We got this for the baby's room after so many spit-ups—made keeping the previous rug impossible. It's so simple to take apart and throw in the wash to keep the room fresh.” 

And that’s not the only rave review: “I absolutely love the jewel tones in this rug! The texture is soft but seems high quality, and I haven't had any issues with it snagging or breaking down despite it being the main play area for my kiddos.”

How to Create an English Country Kitchen in 2023 

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