Puppies, gummy bears, robin's-egg-blue jewelry boxes: Good things come in small packages, you know? And that applies to tiny bathrooms, too—if you have some tricks up your sleeve. Below, ten very chic, very easy updates to make yours a place of beauty and function.  

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Hang Baskets From Towel Pegs

The first task in a small bathroom? Utilize sneaky storage spots hiding in plain sight—like the pegs of your towel bar. These knobs are the perfect spot to hang storage baskets filled with soaps, toiletries, cotton balls and other necessities alongside your (preferably chic and Turkish) towels.

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Use A Cocktail Table As Towel Storage

Our favorite trick in the book: Use a small-silhouetted drinks table, preferably with two tiers, as a stylish spot to stow your towels. Curate a bathroom vignette (Candles! Art! Cotton balls!) on the tabletop for extra design cred.

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Slide Baskets Beneath Your Vanity

Got clearance underneath your sink? Don’t waste that precious real estate. It’s a great spot to sneak in shallow storage—aka discreetly hide  your hoarder-status collection of beauty products. (We won’t tell if you won’t.)

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Add an Oversize Mirror

We’ll say it ’til we’re blue in the face: There’s no easier way to open up a small space than to introduce a light-bouncing mirror. And for small rooms, the same design principle applies to mirrors as it does to area rugs: Going bigger actually makes things look bigger.

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Maximize a Leaning Ladder

With their shallow footprint and ample height, wood ladders are an excellent multi-storage vessel. (Just look how this houses towels, scrub brushes, plants and products.) Plus, they’re incredibly chic in that modern-boho way you’ve been admiring.  

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Store Toilet Paper Atop Your Toilet

When you’ve got nowhere else to stow the essentials, remember the truly transformative powers of a decorative tray or woven basket. The upper lid of your toilet? Yup, now totally a focal point.

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Sneak in a Storage Unit

Even in the tiniest of bathrooms with no closet or built-ins to speak of, there’s usually a hole to introduce a small storage piece. Look to non-bathroom furniture, like a miniature hutch or filing cabinet for a narrow silhouette that also packs a big punch.  

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Incorporate an Accent Chair

Fun from a decorative standpoint and endlessly versatile in its utility, a chair provides a clean place to leave your clothes when showering, a beautiful perch for stacks of towels or magazines, and the perfect spot to disguise the contents of a storage basket beneath. (Plus, if your bathroom is as gorgeous as this one, you can just come in and hang out.)

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Hang a Hardworking Shelf

A metal shelf with hooks below and a ledge up top makes a beautiful home for both storing and drying towels, as well as displaying products and essentials. (Bonus points for hanging lavender sachets to perfume the room like a French lady in the countryside.)  

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Craft an Epic Gallery Wall

Because well, just look at it. But also because going up in scale when it comes to decor in a small space can actually make it feel grander and more expansive. 

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