15 Random-But-Useful Home Items That Will Make Spring Cleaning Less Painful

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If you’ve checked off every box on your extensive spring cleaning checklist (Mazel Tov), you’re probably wondering, how do I prevent this place from turning into a pigsty again? We’re with you. Luckily, there are several ingenious cleaning gadgets that can help you achieve just that. We’re talking everything from editor-tested products—including room deodorants, over-the-sink drying racks and mini car vacuums—to a TikTok influencer’s faves (like this pet hair sponge). So below, we’ve rounded up 15 of the most random-but-useful products to keep your home sparkling until the next major clean-up. Happy neat freak season, everyone.

The Best Random-But-Useful Home Items At a Glance

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Most Powerful Upholstery Cleaner

1. Bissell Little Green Machine

  • What It Does: removes tough stains from all kinds of upholstery with strong spray and suction
  • Why We Love It: powerful suction to remove dirt, stains, and pet messes, portable and lightweight, can be used on almost any kind of upholstery, helps make odors disappear

Bissell’s fan-favorite machine scored 90 points out of 100 in a PureWow100 review for a couple of reasons: For one, it weighs just under ten pounds—making it lightweight and easy to tote around—and its compact design allows you to store it virtually anywhere. Then, for another, it also comes with all the tools you need, including a self-cleaning hose, a brush head and a stain remover spray. It's also equipped with two holding tanks: one for cleaner and one for collecting dirt—and despite its little size, the tank can hold up to 48 ounces of cleaner at a time (so you won't have to drain it after each use). 

Former social strategist Ali Brown puts this guy to the test in a four-part video, where she restores her dad’s “absolutely disgusting truck.” After ten minutes of cleaning, she reveals just how much dirt, grime and debris the machine can accumulate. And trust us, you’ll want to skip to 2:45 of the video to see these results. The water goes from clear to “chocolate milk brown,” leaving the sofa and her dad’s car looking 5 years younger. The machine basically works like cleaning Botox for all upholstered items.

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Best-Smelling Air Freshener

2. Homecourt Room Deodorant

  • What It Does: clinically tested to reduce and neutralize odors in the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond
  • Why We Love It: available in four fragrances that smell like perfume, traps and absorbs odor molecules, specially formulated to break down odor-causing bacteria, charcoal purifies the air

For those who don’t know, Friends alum Courteney Cox is the founder of Homecourt; a homecare line that ranges from hand creams to candles to surface cleaner to soaps—and is known for its luxe scents and aesthetics. “Cox's room deodorant looks more like a perfume bottle. But, the question remains: How well does it work? I tried it firsthand, and I have to say, a spritz or two of the spray will fill your room with the fragrance while eliminating any funky smells lingering,” writes commerce editor Olivia Dubyak. “I gave my kitchen a good spray after removing my getting particularly putrid trash outside, and it helped ditch that odor much more quickly than just letting it dissipate on its own. And even though I know it's not a wearable fragrance, I may or may not intentionally walk through it after spraying to take the aroma with me out of the house. I also like starting my day with a few spritzes around my house to set my morning ambiance (I use Cece and Cipres Mint), and I'll be getting wafts for the next few hours, at least.”

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  • What It Does: bridges the gap between stovetops and countertops to prevent gunk and food debris from building up
  • Why We Love It: made with heat-resistant silicone that won’t melt, dishwasher-safe or can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, available in 3 sizes that can be cut to adapt to uneven spaces, non-slip design

If there’s one item on this list you didn’t know you needed, it’s an oven gap filler. This ingenious invention bridges the gap between stovetops and countertops— preventing stubborn gunk and food debris from building up—and its non-slip, silicone construction is built with enhanced heat resistance (so it won’t melt). To that end, it’s also available in 21-, 25- and 30-inch sizes—and if you don’t feel like grabbing a tape measure, you can simply opt for the 25-inch size and cut the cover to your desired length. Plus, the matte black, smudge-resistant finish is also super easy to wipe clean (and it also happens to be dishwasher safe). 

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Editor’s Favorite Dish Drying Rack

4. Food52 Five Two Over-the-Sink Drying Rack

  • What It Does: retractable dish drying rack that keeps counters dry
  • Why We Love It: fits over most sinks and adjustable design allows you to customize the size, made from rust-resistant stainless steel and BPA-free silicone, flexible silicone edges provide a non-slip grip that keep the rack securely in place while in use, can also be used as a colander or a fruit and vegetable wash station

“No joke, everyone who sees this little rack remarks on how cool it is,” writes senior editor Dana Dickey in a PureWow100 review (in which the rack scored 95 points out of 100). “[It’s] a retractable screen that fits over half my sink, so I can quickly wash a few items then place them immediately to my left to rinse and drip-dry, without getting my counters wet. Then, after the dishes are dry, I can put them back where they belong and retract the rack back to the edge of the sink, where it unobtrusively waits for the next round of dishes,” she explains. “It even includes a slender utensils holder, and it easily doubles as a veggie rinsing rack for my salad fixin’s. Also, since it’s heat-safe to 550 degrees, you can use the rack on your countertop as a trivet for scalding pots.” 

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Most Effective Adhesive Drain Cover

5. Bovinde Hair Catchers

  • What It Does: prevents hair and gunk from clogging bathroom/kitchen drains
  • Why We Love It: Includes two catchers in the pack, designed to stay in place on smooth tile surfaces, made from durable and tear-resistant silicone

Anyone who’s grown up with a family of girls will tell you: Clogged, hairball-filled drains are unavoidable (and seriously disgusting to snake out). Hence, why we love this anti-slip drain cover. It prevents hair from going down the drain with a strong suction cup that sticks to your shower floor tiles—and you can even use it on your kitchen sink to catch food bits and prevent gunk from clogging the drain. It's super easy to install and remove: Pop it on the tile (or sink) and press the corners to stick it down. Then, when it's time to remove it, just grab the clump out of the catcher.  Just make sure to avoid attaching the suction cup to tile joints and keep it on a flat surface for optimal suction.

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Most Effective Pet Hair Remover

6. Casabella No Bones About it Sponge

  • What It Does: removes pet hair from fabrics without using water or cleaning solutions 
  • Why We Love It: can remove hair from clothes, curtains, couches, carpets, and cars, hand-washable and air-dryable for long-lasting use, portable design can be used on the go

Have a pet that *never* seems to stop shedding? Let us put you on this bone-shaped sponge. It effectively removes pet hair from clothes, curtains, couches and carpets without the need for water or cleaning solutions—and it can even be used to clean the interior of your car after trips to the doggy park. Simply wipe down the fabric to pick up pet hair, and after you’re done, hand wash the sponge and let it air dry for long-lasting use.  

“It REALLY works,” writes one reviewer who loved this sponge so much, she bought several for her pet-loving friends. “I have a multi-cat house and there is fur everywhere until I [whip] out this little workhorse. It amazes me every time I use it. Just pluck the fur off of it as you go—and it has no odor at all. It rinses clean, but [disclaimer]: It does take a day to dry because of its thickness.” (I you need more convincing, check out this TikTok to see the sponge’s magic in action). 

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Best Disinfectant

7. FamilyGuard Disinfectant

  • What It Does: kills 99.9 percent of viruses on hard surfaces like kitchen tables, countertops, toilets and faucets.
  • Why We Love It: expertly formulated for use in homes with children and pets, disinfects and cuts through dirt, dust, grease and grime; foaming formula is gentle on surfaces; refreshing citrus fragrance

Here, one incredibly versatile disinfectant, designed with kids and pets in mind. It's specially formulated to kill 99.9 percent of viruses, including COVID-19 (per the brand) and works overtime to cut through dirt, dust, grease and grime on hard surfaces like kitchen tables, countertops, toilets and faucets (aka surfaces your family touches the most). To get the best results with this guy, pre-clean visibly soiled areas, spray 6 to 8 inches from the surface until it's visibly wet, let it stand for 5 minutes and then wipe. Rinse with potable water before use—and for particularly tough jobs, let it stand for several minutes before wiping. 

“I have two little dogs, so being ‘child and pet friendly’ is exactly what I look for in a disinfectant…It comes out a foam, which I quite like because you can spray shower walls or the sides of your sink, and [once] you wipe it up it leaves behind ZERO residue. I’m talking squeaky clean, even on laminate, plastic, stainless, linoleum and ceramic tile,” writes one reviewer. They also add: “It smells soooo good! It smells way more like a diffuser than a disinfectant cleaner.”

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Most Compact Vacuum

8. Eufy Cordless Handheld Vacuum 

  • What It Does: has a lightweight design that can clean every nook and cranny of your car
  • Why We Love It: perfect for cleaning car interiors, compact and weighs just over a pound, 13 minutes of cleaning time following a full charge, includes 2-in-1 crevice tool attachment for reaching tight spaces

Yet another editor-tested cleaning product that you should have on your radar? This $60 car vacuum cleaner, which scored 96 points out of 100 in a PureWow100 review. “The size of a wine bottle and weighing a little more than a pound, it delivers 13 minutes straight of cleaning time following a full charge,” writes senior director of special projects Rachel Bowie. “I scoured the car seat, the crevices where the trunk closes, even the floor mats and seats. Credit goes to the two-in-one crevice tool attachment, which allows you to reach even the tiniest particles of lint, dust and dirt in things like the cup holders or seat pockets. It’s the portability that really makes it extra easy to clean…It felt so good to have a solution to the non-stop mess brought on by my son.” 

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Most Powerful Handheld Scrubber

9. Iezfix Electric Spin Scrubber

  • What It Does: electric scrubber that blasts away dirt and grime from tubs, tiles, floors, sinks, windows and more
  • Why We Love It: includes four brush heads and a charging adapter, ergonomic curved design makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas, cordless and charges in 3-4 hours, strong blast torque and a rotation speed of 350 spins per minute, anti-slip handle makes it easy to grip, even when using cleaning detergents

With an ergonomic handle and a rotation speed of 350 spins per minute, this electric scrubber can instantly clear away scum, stains and grime (while saving your knees and back). First and foremost: It comes with four replaceable brush heads—including dome, flat, pointed corner and cloth brushes—while its cordless and super lightweight design makes it easy to use for extended periods of time. To that end, its handle design also features a curved, ergonomic silhouette that makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas without having to find the proper angle. (The handle also includes an anti-slip coating, making it easy to grip, even when using detergents/solvents). Not to mention that after 12 hours of use, it only takes 3 to 4 hours to charge in its included adapter. 

Take it from one reviewer, who recommends using this scrubber in conjunction with Power Paste by Scrub Daddy: “I was looking for something to use in our shower, specifically to shorten the amount of time it takes me to scrub the tile, grout, walls and glass doors. Normally it takes me around 4 to 5 minutes to scrub this specific spot where pink mold tends to grow. With the round tool, it took less than a minute, no elbow grease [required]! I like the corner tool to get in the edges and cracks where the round tool doesn’t reach, [and] the round head fits well into the container of Power Paste, so it wasn’t awkward trying to get the product on the brush.”

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Best Blinds Cleaner

10. Hiware Blind Duster Brush

  • What It Does: cleans lint and dust from windows and AC units
  • Why We Love It: has three microfiber cloth-covered arms that quickly and effectively clean away dust and lint, includes five microfiber sleeves (machine-washable) that can be easily swapped, compact and lightweight design makes it easy to handle and store

Our least favorite item on the spring cleaning checklist? Dusting—well, it was, until we found this nifty device) The tool features three microfiber cloth-covered arms that quickly and effectively clean away dust and lint from your blinds, saving you time and arm strength. Plus, with five microfiber sleeves included, you can easily swap them out as needed and throw them in the washing machine for future use. Oh, and did we mention that you can also use it to clean your AC vents (aka our other least-favorite cleaning chore)?

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  • What It Does: automatically cleans windows with smart-mapping technology 
  • Why We Love It: multi-directional and anti-falling sensors, strong safety rope, 3 AI smart cleaning modes, 20 minutes of window cleaning and sounds an alarm in case of sudden power failure, can be used on frameless glass, tables, smooth floors, bathroom walls and more

Everyone knows what a iRobot is…but have you ever heard of a “winbot”? This automatic window-washing robot is designed to clean windows, glass, marble and other smooth surfaces—all without you having to lift a finger. It eradicates 99 percent of germs, dust and dirt (per the brand) through its three AI Smart Cleaning Modes, which you can control through its included one-touch button, mobile app or remote. It’s also equipped with multi-directional anti-falling sensors and a safety rope—and even when it’s off, the internal battery keeps the robot running by adhering to the window for 20 to 30 minutes. And, in addition to internal/external windows, it can be used on frameless glass, tables, smooth floors and bathroom walls.

One reviewer writes, “It works quickly; very good suction and removes dirt very well. You just spray some Windex on the pad and just put on the window. If you need [to clean even deeper], you can spray straight on the window. Removes dirt significantly [and] climbs without a problem.”

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Bergdorf Goodman

Most Luxurious Laundry Detergent

12. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Laundry Detergent 

  • What It Does: concentrated formula targets light colors and leaves laundry smelling like Baccarat Rouge
  • Why We Love It: clean citrus-musk scent is strong and cozy, long-lasting fragrance, specially formulated for darks/lights, intended to be used on delicate fabrics

If you’re in the mood to splurge, this luxury laundry detergent pulls from TikTok’s favorite perfume, Baccarat Rouge. The detergent has the same, signature scent, which features a warm bergamot and Calabria base topped with delicate hints of lemon, jasmine and Moroccan rose. More importantly: It earns its lofty $45 price for its specially concentrated formula—which targets both light and dark colors in separate bottles—and can restore delicates like silk and linen to their former glory. 

One reviewer writes, “Yes, there is citrus here, but it's not a high-pitched blast. It's all rounded out by the harmony of florals and one of the cleanest musks I've ever smelled. It's fresh, but it has a soft, fuzzy warmth about it.” Just be sure to use this guy sparingly, given its small 34-ounce size. 

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Best Hidden Laundry Line

13. GorillaLine Retractable Clothesline

  • What It Does: allows you to hang dry laundry without the constant eyesore of a clothing line
  • Why We Love It: reduces laundry room clutter by retracting the line when not in use, 13.8-foot retractable cords, wall-mounted bases can hold up to 40 pounds of laundry

Speaking of laundry room must-haves: A retractable clothing line is the best way to reduce clutter in cramped spaces. You simply pull out the line, attach it to the other wall, push the lock and hang your clothes to dry. Then, once everything’s put away, you can retract the line with the push of a button to hide it. This one features two, 13.9-foot retractable cords and sturdy wall-mounted bases that can hold up to 40 pounds of laundry. 

“This clothesline is barely noticeable on our screened porch,” writes one reviewer. “I purposely chose it because it looked pretty low-profile—some retractable clotheslines are really ugly—and this one is small but strong. Just what we wanted. No worries about the line sagging because it is not plastic, either.”

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Best Pillow Protectors

14. Brooklinen Pillow Protectors

  • What It Does: protects pillows from spills, stains, dust mites, bed bugs and allergens 
  • Why We Love It: woven from 500-thread-count sateen, waterproof, washable, protects from dust mites and allergens, soft and substantial, keeps feathers and down in place

When we’re looking for a quality pillow protector, we make sure it’s designed using stain- and water-resistant fabrics that keep bed bugs, dust mites and allergens out (making them less irritating to those with sensitive skin). Brooklinen’s pillow protectors are a best-seller with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating because they’re woven from 500-thread-count sateen and expertly protect against sweat, makeup and unwanted odors. 

The set of two also features an antimicrobial coating (making it great for those with skin sensitivities) and are a fan-favorite by those who suffer from allergies: “I have a pretty significant dust allergy (and significant seasonal allergies in general), and after switching to my new down pillows, my sinuses were a mess for weeks…Enter: the Brooklinen pillow protector(s). I stopped using my down pillows for a few days while I waited for these to arrive. My allergy symptoms all but disappeared, and since installing the pillow protectors and using my down pillows again, they've never returned!”

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Best Glass Rinser

15. Delta Faucet Glass Rinser

  • What It Does: cleans different types of bottles and glasses with the press of a button 
  • Why We Love It: works in seconds, can be connected to either the hot or cold water supply line, gentle on delicate drinkware, easily removes milk and formula residue from narrow baby bottles, directs water flow into the sink for easy cleanup

Another kitchen gadget you’ll wish you knew about sooner? This glass rinser. With just one push of a button, it can take a glass from dirty to sparkling in seconds—from removing milk and formula residue from baby bottles to wine sediment from delicate drinkware. It can be connected to either the hot or cold water supply line for added versatility, while its subtle overhang offers an easy cleanup, directing water flow right into the sink. 

“It was super easy to install, and it’s made doing dishes a ton easier. Between our wine glasses, drinking glasses and baby bottles, plus sports bottles this thing it amazing,” writes one reviewer. Plus, another person adds: “It fits all my glassware with no issues: high balls, wine glasses, martini glasses, etc…makes hand-washing a lot easier for things you can't put in the dishwasher.” 

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