10 Laundry Room Organization Ideas That’ll Make Folding Socks Your Favorite Part of the Day

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Few things in life give us more pleasure than an empty hamper in a neatly organized laundry room. But alas, ours never seems to stay that way between the bulky bottles, miscellaneous socks and half-filled laundry baskets (which take up way too much space). So as a New Year’s resolution, we’re overhauling the laundry room (or closet) to be as crisp and clean as our freshly pressed whites. Below, find ten organization ideas, from labeled jars and hanging dispensers to collapsible laundry baskets and over-the-door organizers. 

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We’re the first to admit: We can’t help but swoon over those ASMR TikToks of aesthetically pleasing laundry rooms where everything has its place and a minimalist label to boot. Bring inspiration to life with this set that features two, one-gallon glass jars (with lids) and four waterproof labels for whatever you need to label, be it pods, scent boosters, Oxi Clean or detergent. 

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Perhaps the most ingenious invention on this list? A retractable clothing line. You simply pull out the line, attach it to the other wall, push the lock and hang your clothes to dry. Then, once everything’s put away, you can retract the line with the push of a button to hide it. This one features two, 13.8-foot retractable cords and sturdy wall-mounted bases that can hold up to 44 pounds of laundry

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Sure, in theory, the oversized detergent bottles are great. But lugging the heavy container out is no favor to your back. It also tends to leaks onto the cabinet after each use. Hence, why we love this ingenious invention. The stand provides easy access to the detergent, features rubber pads on the bottom (to ensure it does not slide or slip) and the natural wood varnish is easily washable. Oh, and did we mention it has a little compartment for your dryer sheets too?

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Doing laundry for the whole fam? Add an industrial-chic hamper to make separating lights, darks and colors a breeze. Not only are we *obsessed* with this earth-toned palette—which include khaki, grey, olive and natural—but we also love how you can customize it to be a set of two or three. 

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Low on cabinet space? Hang this dispenser to the wall and fill it with your favorite detergents, softeners and scent boosters. Not only will this reduce the footprint of bulky bottles in your precious cabinet real estate, but it provides easy access to when you need to run a load (or 12). 

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Since lint tends to attract more lint, try hanging a magnetic lint bin to reduce buildup. This one features a full back magnet—so you can stick it to the dryer—and wall mount hooks if you prefer to hang it somewhere else. Plus, it comes with a dryer lint brush so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. 

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Sticking with the theme of space-saving hacks, this collapsible basket can hold a full load of laundry—and it shrinks to just 3 inches high when collapsed down. (Again, here’s looking at you, tiny apartment dwellers). 

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This one’s a no-brainer for any apartment dweller who’s lucky enough to have laundry in-unit. The over-the-door organizer allows you to hang your ironing board—and free up a ton of side space you didn’t know you had—and it even comes with a storage caddy on top for your detergents, irons and fabric sprays. 

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Speaking of extra side space; an ultra-narrow storage cart can give you that extra space for all of your laundering accouterment. At just 5 inches deep, you can slide this four-tier unit on wheels into the tiny corners no storage unit dared to go before. 

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Whip this guy out when you’re folding and place any sock without a pair in the bucket. That way, when its sock-soul mate finally shows up, you’ll know exactly where to find it. 

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