30 Genius Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Storage ideas for small spaces: You name ’em, we’ve tried ’em. Or so we thought. A little internet sleuthing revealed that there are actually tons of hacks, discreet storage products and DIY ideas that can help deal with clutter. So whether you’re trying to find the floor of your teeny studio apartment or need to organize your two-bedroom (that has an unfortunate shortage of closets),here are 30 genius storage ideas for small spaces that we’d never even thought of before but will be implementing ASAP.

10 Genius Ways to Sneak in Extra Closet Storage


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Courtesy of Madayan Architects

1. extend Your Cabinets To The Ceiling

While you may not be able to do much about your lack of countertop space in your tiny kitchen, you can do something about your cabinet storage: Simply extend those babies up to the ceiling. “Designing cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling in the kitchen will maximize storage options while creating a striking design effect. High cabinets should be used for extra serving dishes, plates, pots and other kitchen items that are not in daily use,” explains Mary Maydan, founder and principal of Maydan Architects. Just invest in a serious step stool and you’ll be prepared for these great new heights.

Shop the look: IKEA cabinet ($64); Prepac cabinet ($125); NelsonCabinetry cabinet ($274)

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2. hang Your Pots And Pans

Your stove top doesn’t have to be where your pots and pans hang out; give them their own spot. On the wall. A wall-mounted rack is a design feature that can read polished and sophisticated if you do it correctly. Simply pick a stylish rack and be strategic about which pots and pans you display.

Shop the look: Greenco wall rail ($13); Webi hanging rack ($41); Rebrilliant pot rack ($62)

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3. upgrade To A Kitchen Island On Wheels

We’re guessing you probably don’t want to install an island in a pint-sized kitchen. Fair enough. But you’ve probably never considered getting one on wheels. We’re partial to this style for small spaces because it provides plenty of space for spatulas, mixing bowls, baking sheets and a Cuisinart mixer (just look at all those drawers!) and even a seating area when needed. But if you keep bumping into it as you’re prepping dinner, you can just wheel it off to the side and you have your full kitchen back.

Shop the look: ZenStyle rolling kitchen island ($159); Home Styles kitchen cart ($234); Alcott Hill kitchen island ($400)

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4. install Toe-kick Drawers

We’re willing to bet that the four-inch space below your kitchen cabinets is currently unoccupied. Remedy that by installing toe-kick drawers and suddenly the space between the bottom of your cabinets and your floor becomes a home for baking sheets and serving platters. You can even install push latches, so all you have to do is tap your foot to open and close these handy drawers.

Shop the look: Knape & Vogt pull-out drawer ($74); WestfieldArt toe kick drawer ($139)

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5. keep Your Baking Sheets And Pans In The Oven When It’s Not In Use

This isn’t the fanciest (or most groundbreaking) tip, but it is the quickest way to get cookie sheets and roasting pans out of the way. Simply shove all of your bakeware into the oven whenever it’s not in use. When you go to preheat the oven, just remember to remove everything and place it on the counter until you’re done baking.

Shop the look: Calphalon bakeware set ($35); Perlli bakeware set ($53); Rachael Ray bakeware set ($80)

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6. use The Side Of Your Refrigerator

Ditch your magnets and hang this tool over the side of your fridge instead. It’s designed to hook onto the top of the refrigerator and it provides three shelves for extra snacks and drinks (plus a handy towel bar). Innovation at its finest.

Shop the look: SkyMall refrigerator side organizer ($23); Sunix refrigerator side storage shelf ($30)

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7. turn Any Wall Into A Wine Rack

Rather than keeping your extra bottles in a cabinet or lined up on the counter, make them a part of your decor. Mount a wine rack to your wall and let your guests admire your selection of pinot grigios and sauvignon blancs.

Shop the look: mDesign wine rack ($23); Soduku wall-mounted wine rack ($30); True wall wine holder ($41)


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8. invest In A Platform Bed With Storage

A queen-size bed has the potential to dwarf any bedroom, so you might as well spring for a multitasking bed frame if you’re a bit squeezed for floor space. Platform storage beds come with drawers built into the base, which is where you can stuff your bulky sweaters and sweatshirts that are taking up precious space in your dresser at the moment. And no, storage beds don’t have to be ugly—just take a look at the upholstered version above.

Shop the look: Novogratz bed ($381); Atlantic Furniture bed ($487); Darby Home Co. bed ($600)

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9. loft The Kids’ Beds

Swapping a standard twin bed for a lofted version will open up a room instantly. And opting for a model like the minimalist Max & Lily one above that has built-in furniture underneath means you don’t have to go out and find a desk and shelving to fit underneath it.

Shop the look: Home Accent Furnishings loft bed ($239); Donco Kids loft bed ($469); Max & Lily loft bed ($519)

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10. put Your Clothes On Display

Don’t bother trying to double up dresses and blouses on a single hanger in an attempt to make all of your clothes fit into one closet. Instead, put a handful of your fave pieces on display on a modern clothing rack that can double as decor. Don’t forget to add shoes and a purse or two.

Shop the look: Langria garment rack ($37); Iris USA, Inc. garment rack ($39); Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse hanging wardrobe ($152)

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11. buy An Organizer Mirror

You couldn’t live without the medicine cabinet hidden behind the mirror in your bathroom. And what if we told you that your full-length mirror could serve as storage, too? Well, it can. And it can also keep your precious family jewelry safe and your chain necklaces tangle-free. “If you’re like me and running out of space for everything in your house, this jewelry organizer is your answer,” one buyer raves.

Shop the look: Nicetree jewelry cabinet ($100);Aoou mirror jewelry cabinet ($119); Kedlan jewelry cabinet ($130)

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12. use A Dresser As A Nightstand

Make the most of the area next to your bed by swapping a small one-drawer nightstand for a three-drawer dresser. You’ll get more space to store your clothes and more surface area to stack your books and still have room for a cute lamp. Stick to three drawers max, otherwise the height difference between the top of the dresser and your bed will look awkward.

Shop the look: Homfa nightstand dresser ($100); Manhattan Comfort dresser ($164); House of Hampton bachelor’s chest ($790)

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13. consider A Murphy Bed

We know installing a bed on your wall probably isn’t what you had in mind, but hear us out. These days a lot of Murphy beds are built into bookcase units that offer almost endless storage.Buyers attest that units with built-in shelving are ideal for making a guest room as multifunctional as possible.

Shop the look: Brayden Studio Murphy bed ($1,690); Beachcrest Home Murphy bed ($1,546); Wade Logan Murphy bed ($2,000)

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14. upgrade To A Dresser With A Hutch

Don’t underestimate the power of a hutch. You can turn any dresser into a bookshelf or a display for your beloved plants without sacrificing any additional floor space.

Shop the look: Baby Appleseed hutch ($350); Sorelle hutch ($500); Centennial dresser with hutch ($1,000)

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15. maximize Your Closet Space

Even if you have teeny, cramped closets, shelving or a closet system will make a world of difference. By adding areas for folded clothing, these organizers take advantage of every inch you have. Plus, by breaking up the space and separating your clothes, they make an otherwise crowded closet look neat and clean.

Shop the look: Dotted Line closet system ($109); Little Seeds closet system ($133); ClosetMaid closet system ($190)

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16. use Drawer Dividers

If the KonMari folding method has taught us anything, it’s that our dresser drawers can hold way more than we thought. But sometimes we still need a little assistance. Which is why we’re a big proponent of drawer dividers. They help us make the most of every inch and encourage us to fold our socks and underwear, which is no small feat.

Shop the look: Alyer drawer organizer ($10); Sorbus four-piece drawer divider set ($13); Qozary four-piece drawer organizer set ($14)


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17. get An Under-the-sink Storage Rack

Maximize your under sink area with…an under sink storage rack. To really capitalize on your new setup, stock up on a matching set of wicker baskets to pile your toiletries into. Boom, your tiny bathroom’s storage capacity just doubled.

P.S.: You can also attach these floating shelves to the cabinet door for even more room.

Shop the look: mDesign cabinet storage bin ($13); 88 Main under sink storage rack ($30); Ocdliverer wicker baskets (set of 4) ($30)

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18. install An Over-the-toilet Shelf

There’s always room for an over-the-toilet shelf, even if you’re pressed for space. Stock it with extra toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies and any bath products that don’t currently have a home. Just be sure to keep the toilet lid closed, just in case anything takes a tumble.

Shop the look: Wayfair Basics over-the-toilet storage ($27); Songmics over-the-toilet storage ($63); Spirich over-the-toilet cabinet ($90)

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19. get A Large Shower Caddy

The shower is often overlooked when it comes to storage solutions, but hanging a large caddy from the showerhead will create a tidy home for all the bottles of shampoo and conditioner you use. Not to mention the razors, shaving cream, soap and other essentials that have been lingering on the edge of the tub. Prefer to make use of the corner? There are storage options for that too.

Shop the look: Soft Digits corner shower caddy ($25); LDR Industries shower caddy ($32); Simplehuman adjustable shower caddy ($64)

Living Room

20. create A Cubby System For Toys

Experiencing toy explosions in every room of the house? Join the club. Restore a little order by installing some cubbies to conceal endless piles of stuffed animals and board books. If you want to get really fancy, you can even label each bin for a certain kind of toy so the kids will(hopefully) learn to put everything back where it belongs.

Bonus tip: We love the floating bookshelf this mom installed above the cubbies because she created plenty of visible book storage without adding any clutter.

Shop the look: EWEI’s HomeWares floating shelves (set of 3) ($15); Furinno storage shelves ($57); Bush Furniture cube organizer ($118)

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21. buy A Media Console With Lots Of Storage

Yeah, you could just mount your TV on the wall, but a console will provide storage where there would otherwise be white space. Now all of your miscellaneous books, stray remotes and cords have a home. And (bonus!) a taller shelving unit also doubles as living room decor.

Shop the look: Baysitone TV stand ($181); Tribesigns entertainment center ($246); Brayden Studio entertainment center ($356)

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West Elm

22. master The Pop-up Coffee Table

Keep the living room mess to a minimum with a pop-up coffee table that creates both a storage space and a handy tabletop in just one step. Invest in a solid wood model with metal hinges that will last you for years (and through hundreds of Netflix binges).

Shop the look: Yaheetech coffee table ($110); Wlive coffee table ($136); West Elm coffee table ($599)

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23. prop Up A Ladder Shelf

Want more shelf space, but not interested in a bulky bookcase? Enter the ladder shelf. It offers a place to display your half-read books, decor and tiny plants, but with a streamlined open design that won’t overcrowd a hallway or small living room.

Shop the look: Exilot ladder shelf ($63); Tangkula ladder shelf ($66); Homfa ladder shelf ($80)

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24. decorate Your New Corner Shelves

Fact: Corners are a hugely underutilized wall space in every room. They can become a spot for a spice rack in the kitchen, a toiletries holder in the bathroom, a streamlined nightstand in the bedroom—the possibilities are truly endless.

Shop the look: Shelving Solution corner wall shelf ($25); Yankario wall shelves (set of 3) ($28); Olakee floating shelves ($29)

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25. lounge On A Storage Sofa

When buying a couch, you’re probably not thinking about what to put under your cushions. But with a small living room, you should be. A simple Google search will lead you to tons of seating options that have hidden homes for blankets, excess cords and any other living room items you’d prefer to keep out of sight.

Shop the look: Christopher Knight Home storage loveseat ($316); Serta storage loveseat ($479); South Shore sofa bed with storage ($821)


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26. install A Floating Desk

Floating desks can turn any room in the house into your personal office. Most styles are installedon the wall and look like a regular cabinet when they’re not in use. Simply pull the cabinet doorand fold the leg down to create––you guessed it––a fully functional desk. Now you have no excuse not to answer all those emails (sorry!).

Shop the look: Home Bi desk ($96); Tangkula desk ($100); Zipcode Design desk ($186)

27. make Use Of Space Under The Stairs

We’re not huge gamblers, but we bet the space under the stairs in your basement is an absolute mess. Rehab the situation by installing shelves all along the wall and then stacking bins or boxes on top of them. The kids’ extra toys, your summer clothes and those cookbooks you *swear* you’re gonna use soon? Dedicate one bin to each of those categories. Once you organize everything into a home of its own, you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to navigate your new storage spot.

Shop the look: Royexe storage cubes (set of 8) ($26); Homfa floating shelves ($40); Sterlite storage bins (set of 6) ($51)

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Carol Yepes/Getty Images

28. keep Out-of-season Clothes In Your Suitcases

Most people’s suitcases sit empty for 90 percent of the year. Put them to better use by filling them with your out-of-season clothes. Just make sure the inside of your roller has been thoroughly cleaned after each trip—and you might want to line each stack with tissue paper to protect all those precious garments.

Shop the look: AmazonBasics suitcase ($55); Samsonite suitcase ($196); Beis suitcase ($198)

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29. get Some Spacesaver Bags

Think about all the bulky things in your closet: your spare comforter, your ski jacket and those stuffed animals you’re keeping “just in case” you decide to have another kid. Now think about how much more space you’d have if they were flat. That’s exactly what Spacesaver bags allow you to do. Simply stuff your items into the bag, vacuum out the excess air and you’re good to go. “It’s insane how much you can fit in these,” one customer confirms.

Shop the look: Spacesaver vacuum storage bags (set of 8) ($20); Spacesaver vacuum storage bags (set of 6) ($27)

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30. utilize The Space Behind Doors

Over-the-door shoe racks, hooks and shelves exist for a reason, so if the back of your door is currently bare, it’s time to do something about that. Make a new home for your shoes, your scarves and purses, or even extra diapers in the baby’s room.

Shop the look: Simple Houseware over-the-door organizer ($13); Lynk over the door hook rack ($13); Whitmor over the door shoe rack ($28)

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