10 Genius Closet Storage Ideas to Sneak in Extra Space

Some say fashionista, some say hoarder. But whatever designation you choose for your shopping addiction, that bursting-at-the-seams closet is paying the price. Wrangle the chaos with these ten life-changing closet storage ideas.

The Closet Cleanse Trick You Haven’t Heard Before

1. Extender Rod

Voilà: Double the hanging capacity.

sweater divider closet
The Container Store

2. Shelf Dividers

Tame those teetering sweater stacks.

Buy ($10)

3. Double-duty Hangers

When it comes to hangers... Step 1: Slender frames (don't lose space to bulky ones). Step 2: Clever design—like these built-in accessory bars.

4. Hanging Hamper

Go ahead, tack your hamper to the wall. (Wall-mounted = extra floor space.)

5. Valet Shelves

Stack 'em up above your clothing rod to maximize negative wall space.

6. Wall Organizer

PSA: Office caddies make amazing accessory and jewelry storage.

over door shoe organizer

7. Over-door Shoe Organizer

Behold: Cubby space for 26 pairs of pumps.

Buy ($18)

8. Valet Hook

Mount a hook or pullout rod to organize your outfits for the next day (or let's be honest, hold overflow).

scarfs sorter
Bed, Bath & Beyond

9. Scarf Sorter

Bonus points if it looks like a piece of jewelry.

pretty storage box

10. Storage Case

Dust-free, space-savvy boxes for all your off-season duds.

Buy ($7)


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