Why Does Courteney Cox Smell So Good? Her Secret Surprised Us

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If you were to hang out with Friends alum Courteney Cox (the dream!), you might notice she smells like a mix of cardamom, cinnamon, patchouli and vetiver. It's a warm, androgynous blend with a hint of sweetness that's hard to place—but she has no problem revealing her secret: It's not a perfume at all. It's part of her Homecourt cleaning line. The brand has four scents across all products: Cipres Mint, Neroli Leaf, Cece and Steeped Rose.

It's the latest addition to her range of homecare products, which include hand creamcandlessurface cleaner and soaps, which are known for their luxe scents and aesthetics. "I love design, and the way things look is really important to me," Cox admits to PureWow. "As I would sit there doing my Zooms, I’d look over and go 'God, I don’t want that on my counter."

Rather than a bulky jug of room refreshing spray, Cox's room deodorant looks more like a perfume bottle. But, the question remains: How well does it work? I tried it firsthand, and I have to say, a spritz or two of the spray will fill your room with the fragrance while eliminating any funky smells lingering. The powerful formula contains zinc ricinoleate (to trap odor molecules), yeast ferment (to break down bacteria), charcoal (to cleanse the air) and of course the fragrance.

I gave my kitchen a good spray after removing my getting particularly putrid trash outside, and it helped ditch that odor much more quickly than just letting it dissipate on its own. And even though I know it's not a wearable fragrance, I may or may not intentionally walk through it after spraying to take the aroma with me out of the house. I also like starting my day with a few spritzes around my house to set my morning ambience (I use Cece and Cipres Mint), and I'll be getting wafts for the next few hours, at least.

We know $45 is a considerable price in comparison to most room sprays, but the value of high-quality fragrance is irreplaceable. Just think of your favorite perfume, only this mister scents your entire room, not just your neck.

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