Put Away Those Carving Knives...TikTok's Power-Washing Pumpkins This Halloween

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Now that we’re in September—and you’ve successfully raided the Target fall decor aisle—there’s only one thing left to add to your front door: a Jack-o’-lantern. But, if you’re anything like us, the idea of gooey seeds and pumpkin guts splayed across your quartzite countertops makes you want to skip the whole carving thing altogether. Luckily, there’s a viral TikTok hack that makes carving a Jack-o’-lantern feel like an event in and of itself—and it’s fairly mess-free. We’re talking about power washing your pumpkins. 

The trend originated in 2021 when TikToker @flatriverrustics posted the video above (which has racked up 3.4 million views and nearly 140,000 likes since). Basically, the user swaps Exacto knives and pumpkin carving kits for a power washer, which cuts through the pumpkin’s skin to carve out some basic features of a spooky Jack-o’-lantern (in under 15 seconds, no less). 

Since then, users have turned the video into a TikTok trend, where people are pressure-washing their pumpkins to create a no-muss, no-fuss Jack-o’-lantern.

However, if the comment section above is any indication, power-washed pumpkins are far from a work of art. So, while we can’t promise this will produce a pumpkin that you could display in the Louvre, we can promise that it’ll remove the mess—and time—out of the entire process. Plus, it looks kinda fun to try firsthand, and you really only need three things to tackle it:

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1. Sun Joe Electric High Pressure Washer

This guy is Amazon’s number one best seller for a reason: The 1,800-watt motor generates a steady, precise water flow, while its interchange nozzles allow you to switch from a high-pressure pencil point jet to a low-pressure fan spray. Perfect for carving a pumpkin with precision (and then spraying down your car when you’re done).

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2. Cordless Battery-Operated Leaf Blower

Sure, this hack keeps the mess out of your kitchen, but your backyard will still need some clearing after you’re done carving. That’s why we’re using a leaf blower with a 4.2-star rating to clear the strings and seeds from our freshly mowed lawn.

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fresh direct

3. Organic Sugar Pumpkin

No time to don your flannel and head to the pumpkin patch? No problem. This guy weighs around one to two pounds, and it’s guaranteed fresh for at least seven days after delivery.

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