11 Adorable Decor Ideas for a Little Boy's Room

Forts! Swings! Statement wallpaper! If outfitting the rest of your home was as joyously fun as tackling your little dude’s room...well, you’d probably be finished with decorating it by now. Scroll on for 11 almost too-cute-to-be-real design ideas.

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From SF With Love

Hang A Swing

One that’s deep-seated enough for actually lounging or, dare we hope, reading in.

Build A Fort

No nugget’s room is complete without a hideout. (No grown-ups allowed!)

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Whaling City Cottage

Try A Pint-sized Gallery Wall

Assorted thrift store art in a fun, kid-friendly theme is the perfect decor for a petite sophisticate.

Paint A Favorite Animal On A Dresser

All kinds of cute, and easy to update with a solid color (when he outgrows the whimsy).

Make A Superhero Display Station

Use bright paint to transform a built-in or bookshelf into a gallery for toys, art projects and trophies.

Add Kitschy Wallpaper

Admit it: He’s obsessed with cars.

Or Install A Climbing Wall

For the kid who never tires out (literally, never).

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Lecons De Chose

Hang Skateboard Shelves

For cool-dude approved book storage.

Paint A Galaxy On The Ceiling

To infinity and beyond.

Turn A Wall Into A World Map

To help him best plan take it by storm.

Or Hang A Stylish Basketball Hoop

Better still, put a hamper underneath (laundry shoot!) to encourage tidiness.

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