Little Boy Fashion: 7 Trends to Try Now

Two words: mini sneakers. Isn't that why you wanted a little boy in the first place? Sure, it's not hard to find adorable kids' clothes in any given Baby Gap, but if you're looking to expand your son's style horizons, take note of these seven specific little boy fashion trends (from individual pieces to styling ideas).

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1. Bomber Jackets

It's the stylish piece that's sweeping the Internet, and now it's all over the kids' market—pint-sized flight jackets with banded collars and cuffs.

Get the look: Walmart ($20); H&M ($30); Nordstrom ($109)

2. Jogger Pants

Speaking of elastic details, there's never been a more perfect pant for your wild man. Tapered legs keep them from catching their fabric in bike spokes, tree limbs, you name it.

Get the look: Target ($15); Gap ($30); Nordstrom ($45)

3. Anything Camo

Be it on a jacket, a hoodie, a pair of pants—this outdoor print is the one to beat right now.

Get the look: Target joggers ($17); Columbia fleece pullover ($28); Gap windbreaker ($50)

4. Patterned Button-down Shirts

Don't settle for blue oxford dress shirts any longer. A patterned button-down is far more fun (and far easier to hide stains in).

Get the look: Target ($9); Old Navy ($9); Nordstrom ($17)

5. Pattern Mixing

As for styling his shirts, try a little pattern mixing (like plaids with stripes) to bring even more whimsy into his outfits.

Get the look: OshKosh striped henley ($13); Boden striped T-shirt ($26); Macy's plaid button-down ($30)

6. Sweater Layering

Or go full mini academic with a heavy cardigan over a dress shirt buttoned all the way to the top. 

Get the look: Old Navy ($16); Nordstrom ($38); J.Crew ($50)

7. Slim-fit Cuts

And with anything you buy, make sure the fit is slim and tailored. The days of baggy anything are (thankfully) over.

Get the look: H&M ($25); Macy's ($42); J.Crew ($55)

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