The 2:2:1 Throw Pillow Rule Will Change the Way You Style Your Couch

Décor + math = chic


Switching up your throw pillows is the simplest way to reinvent a room without shelling out a million bucks. But styling them can sometimes prove tricky. Here, a simple math formula to live by. Say hello to the 2:2:1 rule.

What you need: Five pillows in total—two oversize matching ones, two slightly smaller pillows (also matching but in a different pattern or color from the oversize set) and one eye-catching solo style.

How to follow the 2:2:1 rule: Start by placing the two oversize pillows on an angle against each armrest. Next, grab the two slightly smaller pillows and nestle them into the inner corners of the oversizeones. Finally, place the one unique “centerpiece” pillow right in the middle. That’s it!

Why it works: Symmetry, baby. The graduating sizes combined with the subtle matchy-matchy aesthetic will give your living room polish with minimal effort. Yay, pillow math.

jillian quint
Jillian Quint

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