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So your bedroom (or living room) could use some sprucing, but you have neither the time nor dollars for a major renovation. Here, four super-simple tweaks that will change the entire look and feel of your home.

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Switch Out Your Lightbulbs

Sure, you replaced your incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs long ago, but upgrading your bulbs to something that casts a more even tone room to room can really improve your home?s overall glow. Case in point: GE?s Reveal line filters out dull, yellow rays so that colors and patterns in your home really pop. Hello, ambiance.


Replace Your Pillow Shams

Swapping out neutral-hued pillow covers for something bold and bright can change the entire look of your living room—or bedroom—without breaking the bank. (BTW, the end-of-summer season is the perfect time to scout out sales.) 

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Splurge on a Nice Throw Blanket

New sofas cost an arm and a leg. But a fresh layer of texture—whether wool or faux fur—is the perfect way to show your existing couch some love.


Or Add in a Statement-Making Houseplant

Yes, you’re capable of caring for a fiddle leaf. And the dramatic green tricks guests into thinking you put in far more effort.

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