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If you're as prone to decorating, un-decorating, then re-decorating as we’re gonna end up with walls full of holes, lady. But thankfully, there are plenty of other fun solutions for displaying a prized art collection. Here, 12 styling tricks for keeping your walls both chic and puncture-free.

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Lean Art On a Bookshelf

An étagère or open shelving unit provides the perfect canvas for mixing paintings, prints and decorative ceramics.

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Make A Mantle Pop

Layer a few choice pieces of art (in a coordinating palette) atop your hearth, and add in bits of greenery for extra design cred.

Take It to the Kitchen

Tuck a few beloved oil paintings behind dishware in open kitchen shelves.

Maximize Molding

Architectural details like crown molding provide several options. Consider propping prints on a deep ledge, or even using picture rail hooks to suspend art below.

Decorate the Decorative

Place treasured photos somewhere unexpected (like on an upright piano), then layer in your favorite objets d’art.

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Hang One Heavy Hitter

Try actually hanging one focal piece above a dresser, but lean another complementary frame against it just below. Switch up the secondary piece every few months for a mini bedroom face-lift.

Frame A Vignette

Highlight an edited vanity tray by leaning a favorite piece of art atop a bedroom bureau (bonus points for hand-painted wallpaper).

Hang A Picture Rail

Install one sleek brass bar with numerous suspended frames. Consider it jewelry—for your living room.

Work An Entire Wall

Hang a slim ledge in a hallway pass to hold a few pieces of layered large-scale art, and add a few on the floor below as well for a laid-back gallery wall.

Accent A Nightstand

Prop a small print (or two) on your bedside table for a touch of romanticism. 

Dress Up Your Windows

Place matching prints against a windowpane to make your views even more dynamic.

Put It On An Easel

That’s right—pull it out of storage and into a spot of glory in the living room. Why don't we see this charming take more often?

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