10 Non-Tacky Family Reunion Gift Ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in addition to a whopping sunburn, leftover potato salad and tales of Aunt Mildred’s wild youth, you had a truly rad family gift to take home from the reunion? (And no, that sweater vest with your family crest embroidered on it doesn’t count.) Look to these ten fresh ideas for your next group gathering.

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A Family Cookbook

Nana’s recipe for blondies isn’t the only one that deserves to be immortalized in print. So ask each family member to send in a treasured recipe along with a quote and photo (the more personal, the better here, folks), and print them in a keepsake family recipe book.

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Homemade Jam

Speaking of family recipes, why not give out samples of a favorite—like adorably packaged mini jars of Great Aunt Jean’s strawberry preserves. Better yet, why not make them together as a family? It’s a great activity alternative to another three-legged race.

L.L. Bean

An Actually Useful Tote

Place a bulk order of L.L. Bean’s versatile boat tote and customize them with a family name, initial or even logo (cousin Jake didn’t go back to design school for nothing).

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Swell Forever

Chic Custom Throws

Even Uncle Marv (who hates bringing anything new into his house) will appreciate a stylish, lightweight cotton blanket emblazoned with the family name.

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Ballard Designs

A Native Plant

It’s a living, breathing reminder of your family reunion locale (think a potted hydrangea if your clan gathers on Cape Cod, or an olive topiary to commemorate a Tuscan holiday), but you don’t have to talk to it. 


An Art Print

Another fun memento of your family place? A chic piece of art. Use a site like Framebridge to upload a photo (say, of the lake your crew has a house on, or the beloved crabapple tree in Grandy’s backyard), print and frame several (one for each branch of the fam).  

Let the Kids Dress Themselves

A Coffee Table Tome

After the chaos fun is over, have relatives add photos to a shared iPhone album, then upload the images to a site like Artifact Uprising where you can print beautiful hardcover books to send to family members.

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Custom Brew Growler

Fun activity alert: Family beer brewing! Order a kit, get to work and then send everyone home with a growler of the good stuff. 


Graphic Matchbooks

Call upon an Etsy vendor to mock up this cute and easy family favor.


A Framed Family Tree

Immortalize your family lineage in an attractive family tree design. Until next year…

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