10 Truly Easy Ways to Fancy Up Your Kitchen

We’d love marble countertops, brass sconces and a French cooking range. But since we don’t foresee an unexpected inheritance befalling us anytime soon, we’ll be using these ten super-easy, super-gorgeous styling tricks (foraged on Instagram) to fancify our kitchens.

The One Trick For An Infinitely Prettier Kitchen

1. Add Oversize Potted Greens To Your Counters

Fresh flowers in the kitchen are nice and all, but these guys pack major drama and design cred.

2. Create a Spa-Like Moment At the Sink

Style a fancy soap, hand lotion and scented candle to elevate your dishwashing experience.

3. Lean Art On Your Countertops

Bonus: no nails.

4. Or Hang A Bold Kitchen Gallery Wall

If you're a maximalist and you know it, clap your hands.

5. Corral Your Cooking Essentials

The first step is stowing most supplies out of sight. But for everyday basics, like oil, salt and pepper, a chic tray makes a world of difference when it comes to visual organization.

6. Tack Your Favorite Plates To the Wall

Why leave your finery lingering in the china cupboard...when they can be used as stylish kitchen decor?

7. Leave A Prized Pot On Permanent Display

Consider this your excuse to splurge on Le Creuset’s new lavender line.

8. Upgrade Your Vessels

Try a pretty ceramic cachepot for your cooking utensils, decant your packaged olive oil and store your produce somewhere unexpected and whimsical—like on a cake stand.

9. Introduce Heirloom Ceramics

Your massive ginger jars? Totally kitchen-appropriate.

10. Put Down An Antique Runner

We know You’ve seen this move all over the place—but for good reason. The warmth, color and character it adds is undeniable. Plus, it’s cozy on your feet while you're doing dishes.

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