10 Joanna Gaines Decor Ideas We Learned From 'Fixer Upper'

From moldy Victorians to sagging ranches, no project is too big (or disgusting) for Chip and Joanna Gaines to save. At times, they’ve even had us pondering a move to Waco, TX. But before you indulge that super-fan fantasy any further, consider taking a stab at redecorating your own pad with Jojo’s signature Magnolia magic in mind. From wood beams to potted greens, here are ten Joanna Gaines decor ideas, for that clean Fixer Upper look.

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1. Paint Kitchen Islands A Statement Color

Whether a cool, mid-tone blue or a mossy green, Gaines-designed kitchen islands are rarely the same color as the rest of the kitchen. Instead, they’re often a happy, not-too-bright hue—a distinct departure from the otherwise neutral palette.

2. Encase Beams In Natural Wood

What a fabulous way to get a rustic but polished look. Joanna regularly enhances (or even fakes) joists with the addition of natural wood casing. And ceilings aren’t the only place to try this signature look: Go for a warm honey hue on mantles, pergolas and pillars.

3. Group Plants In Twos And Threes

A self-professed plant addict, Gaines would never go for a single vase or planter when she could cluster two or three together to create a lush look. And that look need not be fussy—Jojo’s a big fan of picking some greens from the backyard rather than shelling out a fortune for a fancy bouquet.

4. Repeat Like Patterns In Different Pieces

One great design trick we’ve learned from Gaines is to echo textile patterns throughout a room. In this house, for example, the trellis pattern of the rug is mimicked in the buffet facade, twin lamp bases and wreath frame.

5. Swap Upper Cabinets For Open Shelving

Or, sometimes, even no cabinets up top at all. With seriously smart, storage-minded cabinetry on the bottom, Gaines often opts to skip the bulky uppers. The kitchen counterpart of the open floor plan, floating shelves play up a light, bright, airy and uncluttered vibe.

6. Mix Farmhouse And Industrial

Who knew that cool, metallic lines and cozy, country vibes played so well together? Joanna Gaines did. In her world, shiny steel, burnished black piping and other gritty decor elements intermingle with shiplap, slipcovers and farmhouse wood tables.

7. Move Upholstered Furniture Away From The Walls

The one trick to creating those cozy signature seating areas is to pull couches and armchairs away from the walls, and to group them together mid-room, facing toward each other, with a rug to define the space. Voilà: Insta-intimacy.

8. Flip Books Around

So that uniform spines face outward. A go-to Gaines favorite, this whitewashed bookshelf styling trick creates spaces that are calming, clean and cohesive. (But good luck finding your copy of Love in the Time of Cholera.)

9. Use The Unexpected As Organizers

Ever the upcycler, Gaines is always thinking beyond the typical basket when it comes to her storage vessels. We love seeing shipping palettes used as wine racks, soda crates for pillows, wooden spools for tables and vintage trolleys for plant display.

10. Add French Doors Whenever Possible

If your walls and budget can take it, this Gaines-approved add-on blasts every space open with light, air and movement, and melds indoor with outdoor living. (Collective swoon.)


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