The 10 Best Things You Can Buy Online from Magnolia Market

Aka Joanna Gaines's store on "Fixer Upper"

HGTV fanatics: You don’t need us to tell you the bingeing power of Fixer Upper. Or that you basically want Chip and Joanna Gaines to renovate/decorate your entire life. But did you know the couple also has an online store? Yep, you can cop home decor picked especially by Joanna. Like right this second. These are the ten best finds from Magnolia Market.

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Magnolia Market

An Enamel Pitcher

So, you’re finally putting in that open shelving. This is just the type of vessel ($16) you’ll want to fill it with.

Magnolia Market

Turkish Tea Towels

Thin, chic and strangely absorbent ($18 each).

Magnolia Market

Laboratory Vases

Haven’t you always needed a home ($18 each) for your single twig of eucalyptus?

Magnolia Market

Herb Gardens In A Jar

Hey, black thumbs: All you need is water and a sunny windowsill to start growing basil, parsley, oregano, cilantro or mint in these hydroponic jars ($20 each).

Magnolia Market

Decorative Classic Books

Because your other copy of Great Expectations has Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. Display this, Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility right ($25 each).

Magnolia Market

A Retro Wall Clock

A little bit ’50s. A little bit farmhouse ($32).

Magnolia Market

A French Laundry Basket

The perfect storage space ($78) for your living-room throw blankets.

Magnolia Market

A Holiday Berry Wreath

Yeah, yeah, it’s only October. But our money is on this rustic-chic baby ($58) selling out quickly.

A Graphic Rug

Joanna just launched a line of rugs (starting at $109), and you can bet her good taste will help you find the exact color scheme your den has been missing.

Magnolia Market

Shiplap T-shirts

Because if you’re a true fan, you’ll appreciate their sense of humor ($26 each).

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