42 Things You've Definitely Thought While Watching "Fixer Upper"

Love you, Chip and Joanna

If Ina and Jeffrey Garten embody #RelationshipGoals on Food Network, Chip and Joanna Gaines take the prize over at HGTV. The beautiful couple stars in the compulsively watchable Fixer Upper, a show that is never not delightful. Here, 42 things that go through our head during pretty much every episode.

41 Things You’ve Definitely Thought While Watching “Barefoot Contessa”

fixer upper 1

Oh, this couple seems so sweet. Hope they get the house of their dreams.

Three houses, here we go.

Oh, come on. The second one is so clearly the right one.

The third? Are you kidding?

Wait you can get a five-bedroom farmhouse for $175,000 in Waco, Texas?

Should we move to Waco, Texas?

fixer upper demo

Demo day looks so fun.

And also kind of dangerous.

But mostly fun.

But why is Joanna wearing knee-high Tory Burch boots to tear down cabinets?

Should I buy knee-high Tory Burch boots?

Should I replace my cabinets?

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fixer upper subway tile

Subway tile is cool.

And open floor plans are the best.

Seriously, why on earth does my house even have any doors?

And why does that plumber charge only $2,000 to move the gas line?

OK, really should I move to Waco?

God, these kids are cute.

Wait, how many kids are there?

They also have a lot of animals.

What are the chances they’d want to adopt me?

Will I ever find a love like Chip and Joanna’s?

And also hair like Joanna’s.

What products does she use?

Ugh, she’s so pretty.

But what does she have against walls?

And why is she so obsessed with giant clocks?

fixer upper shiplap
Magnolia Market


Do I need shiplap?

What is shiplap?

Chip is so goofy.

But also handsome enough that it’s cute and not weird.

I really need a farmhouse sink.

Is Magnolia Market hiring?

Is reclaimed wood really reclaimed wood if it isn’t painted white?

fixer upper house picture

Ooh cool, it’s a giant picture of their house.

Where does one get a giant picture of their house?

How much does it cost?

What do they do with it when filming is over?

Ooooohkay…this place is stunning.

Even if it’s all white and gray and filled with giant clocks.

Well, it’s settled. I’m moving to Waco.

*Google Update: Shiplap is a type of wood paneling*

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